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Josh Steinberg

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Jun 10, 2003
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Josh Steinberg
updated 8/21

I'm going to be moving in a little under a month, and as I'm packing up I realize that there are some CDs, DVDs and videos that I haven't listened to or watched in years, if ever. Rather than packing them up so they can sit on my shelf in my new place unused, I thought I'd see if someone else might be interested. I'm new to the HTF, which is why I don't have a feedback rating yet, but I'd be glad to direct you to my eBay profile if interested, and I'll gladly send first to any Gold traders on the HTF.

I'm looking to get rid of everything listed! I will definitely consider 2:1 and even 3:1 trades, even more for VHS and CDs

I'm open to considering all trades; I have a want list at DVD Aficinado (the link is in my signature) but that is by no means comprehensive; even if you have nothing on there, if you see something interesting, email me. If you have something on my want list, I can almost guarantee you a trade. [I'm looking primary for DVDs, but will consider CD titles; I'm not interested in getting anymore VHS tapes unless it's something really, really, really special.] I'm also listing some high wants at the top of the list in this post.

My email address is [email protected]

-All DVDs are OAR unless otherwise noted
-All DVDs are in good "like-new" condition unless otherwise noted; some are new, or opened but unwatched!
-Most VHS tapes are, unfortunately, MAR. When a video is widescreen, I've noted that next to the title
-CDs are in good "like-new" condition unless otherwise noted; many are opened but unlistened to.

Please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions. Thanks for reading!!

All In The Family (Second Season)
Beauty and the Beast (Disney Platinum)
Catch Me If You Can (Widescreen double-disc set)
Charade (Criterion)
Charlie Chaplin: Short Comedy Classics (box set)
Dead Ringers (Criterion)
Dumbo (60th Anniversary Edition)
Fifth Element (Superbit)
Gangs Of New York
Hard Eight
Metropolis (Restored Authorized Edition)
Minority Report (2 DVD Widescreen Edition)
Simpsons (2nd and 3rd seasons)
Sopranos (3rd season)
Star Trek: Next Generation season box sets
Sunset Boulevard
Walt Disney Treasures: Behind the Scenes at Disney Studio
Walt Disney Treasures: Disneyland USA
Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse in Black & White
Walt Disney Treasures: The Complete Goofy
Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Vista Series 2 DVD set)

anyone who's willing to trade one or more of those is almost guaranteed a trade with me


-Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (not superbit)
-Gladiator (2 disc) - TRADED
-Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring (WS theatrical) - TRADED
-Masters Of The Universe
-X-Men (first DVD release)

-American Pie (Unrated Collector's Edition)
-Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (Platinum Series)
-Shakespeare In Love (Collector's Series)

-American Psycho (Unrated) - TRADED
-Apocalypse Now Redux - TRADED
-Casablanca (WB one disc release, not special edition)
-Elephant Man, The
-Green Mile
-Hamlet (Ethan Hawke)
-Hannibal (WS 2 DVD edition)
-Lost Horizon (sealed, Columbia Classics Capra/Colman)
-Romeo & Juliet (DiCaprio/Danes, not special edition)
-The Sixth Sense (Collector's Edition)
-Suicide Kings
-Talented Mr. Ripley, The
-Traffic (USA Films release)

-Blade Runner (Director's Cut)
-Matrix, The
-Ninth Gate, The

-Moulin Rouge (2 disc)
-Rocky Horror Picture Show (2 disc)
-West Side Story (single disc edition)

-Dave Matthews Band: Videos 1994-2001
-Doors Collection, The (Collector's Edition)
-Streisand, Barbra: Timeless - Live In Concert
-Townshend, Pete - Music From Lifehouse
-Train: Midnight Moon Live

-The Sopranos: The Complete First Season (sealed) - TRADED


-Batman (Tim Burton)
-GoldenEye (James Bond)
-Jurassic Park (Widescreen)
-Licence To Kill (James Bond)
-Marked For Death
-Spartacus (Restored Version) (Widescreen)

-Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls
-Austin Powers 2: The Spy Who Shagged Me
-Bye Bye Love
-Dr. Strangelove
-Dumb and Dumber
-Men In Black
-Midnight Run

-Apollo 13 (Widescreen)
-Barry Lyndon
-Citizen Kane
-Clockwork Orange, A (Widescreen)
-Ebony Tower, The (missing box)
-Full Metal Jacket
-Just Cause
-Killer's Kiss (early Kubrick)
-Killing, The (early Kubrick)
-Lawrence Of Arabia (30th Anniversary Edition) (Widescreen)
-Lolita (1997 Lyne)
-Paths Of Glory (early Kubrick)
-Romeo & Juliet (1996 DiCaprio/Danes/Luhrmann)

-20,000 Leagues Under The Sea
-Honey, I Blew Up The Kid
-Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Disney, 2 copies)
-Winnie The Pooh, The Many Adventures Of (most recent rerelease)

-2010: The Year We Make Contact
-Blade Runner (Director's Cut) (Widescreen)
-Shining, The (WB standard release)
-Shining, The (WB Kubrick Collection with making of featurette)
-Solaris (1971, Russian with subtitles) (Widescreen)
-Star Trek III: The Search For Spock
-Star Wars: Episode I - The Phanton Menace (Widescreen box set)
-Staw Wars Trilogy (1995 THX release box set, not special edition)
-Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Special Edition double VHS set)

Billy Joel: Live At Yankee Stadium (1990)
U2: Rattle & Hum

-Happy Anniversary 007 (1987 TV Special)


Adams, Ryan - Gold - TRADED
Anastasio, Trey - Trey Anastasio (self titled solo debut)
Beatles, The - Anthology volume 1 (double disc)
Blue Man Group - Audio - TRADED
Blues Traveler - Bridge
Branch, Michelle - The Spirit Room
Calling, The - Camino Palmero
Cardinal Direction - Take It Back
Clarks, The - Another Happy Ending
Dodes, Josh - Get Up
Fleetwood Mac - Greatest Hits
Gigolo Aunts - Minor Chords and Major Themes
Goo Goo Dolls - Dizzy Up The Girl
Goo Goo Dolls - Gutterflower
Guns N Roses - Appetite For Destruction
Harper, Ben - Fight For Your Mind
Hornsby, Bruce - Big Swing Face
Joe 90 - Dream This
McCartney, Paul - Standing Stone
McLachlan, Sarah - Surfacing
O.A.R. - Any Time Now - TRADED
Simon & Garfunkel - Greatest Hits
Sister Hazel - Chasing Daylight
Strokes, The - Is This It
Vertical Horizon - Everything You Want
Virginia Coalition - Townburg
Young, Neil - Are You Passionate?


A.I.: Artificial Intellegence
Batman Forever
Cruel Intentions
Flintstones, The (the movie)
Get Shorty
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Hedwig and the Angry Inch (the movie)
Mission: Impossible 2 (score)
Pulp Fiction
Top Gun

Josh Steinberg

Senior HTF Member
Jun 10, 2003
Real Name
Josh Steinberg
Thanks to both Jim W and Joe Reed for excellent trades - keep 'em coming!

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