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FS? Wanting Feedback on POSSIBLE sale LOWER 48 ONLY (1 Viewer)

Mark Richter

Stunt Coordinator
Dec 15, 2001
I have a used Mirage BPS 150 subwoofer that I am thinking of selling due to the fact that I am not using it as much as I thought I was going to use it.

It is a dual 8" isobaric sub in piano black finish with a 150 watt amp built into the box.
This is in perfect shape. No scratches. No blemishes. I even have the screw in feet for it. I do NOT have box or maunal though. Right now it is delegated to being used as , get this, my computer sub for my speaker system. Crazy BUT true. Honest. It was an impulse but but is WAY too powerful and I already have a HT sub.

I was to know if I am going to get any dibs.

Asking $325 plus S&H from 60402. Packing will be extra since I do not have anything to pack this up with. I will change EXACT packing for this and will enclose receipt. I will estimate packing first and then will RETURN the extra money to the bidder in a seperate letter. I really am unsure how much to pack and insure so I will say about $35 from MailBoxes etc.

Following is a link to the manual and brochures

http://miragespeakers.com/manuals.shtml Look for BPS-150

Thank you for the help

Edited for price change

Ron Boster

Jan 10, 1999

I think the reason for all the looks is your title and the fact it's a feeler ad. Since your title doesn't say what you are selling....most will take a look see just to see whats, what. I also think feeler ads tend to attract attention, but doesn't translate into buyers.

I found my one feeler ad created a "tire kicking" mentality, which created a sense that there was interst, but a false sense.

Your best bet is audiogon or ebay. I sold my projector for $500 more than my best offer here and within 72 hours of listing it vs the week listed on HTF.


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