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Sep 14, 2009
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Originally Posted by Carlo Medina /t/315806/jurassic-park-ultimate-trilogy-blu-ray-review-recommended/60#post_3987760
Major props for coming back and providing an update/correction to your earlier assessment. I could not agree more on the importance of calibration. But I'll take it one step further: video as well as audio calibration.
Imagine the endless debates here and in other HT forums about color saturation, whether something is too bright, too dark, crushed, etc. Then walk to your local Best Buy, Costco, etc. and look at how nearly every set looks different from every other set even though they're showing the same video feed. And that's with likely out-of-the-box settings. Now imagine millions of people setting the Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Color and Hue to their personal taste (I'll wager less than 0.01% of people even own a calibration disc, or use the THX calibration found in some titles).
That's why I take AQ/PQ reviews with a grain of salt.

Yah i totally agree with you and i re-did my projector recently, i use the Spears and Munsil calibration disc but i intend to buy a proper good quality meter and probably Calman 5 at some stage so i can get it as perfect as possible. Too many people like the torch mode look, i was in a shop in Edinburgh and a guy was talking to his wife/girlfriend, he was telling her how great the image was on an LCD ( LED backlit ) TV set, it was bloody ugly, far too contrasty and sharpness and colours turned to max, the plasma sitting near it was a million times better but they never look great under shop lights, just telling this story because too many people see torch mode and think it looks great.

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