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FS: Lexicon 512 and 212 (Bryston 9B THX and 3B ST) (1 Viewer)

Eric A

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Jan 3, 2001
I have up for sale my 2 amps; Lexicon 512 and 212. These are exactly the same amps as Bryston 9B THX and 3B ST respectively. I have had them a very short time and both are in excellent condition.

The 212 is a 17 inch model was purchased from a friend and is less than 4 months old as he had just purchased it from a dealer. He then moved on up to a Bryston 4B ST. It is in perfect condition with no scratches or dings. I do not have the original box but will have it packed professionally for shipping. I can get an original box from Bryston for an additional $30. $750 OBO shipped lower 48.

The 512 is a 19" rack mount model. It was a dealer demo. It is less than 2 months in my system. It also is perfect except for a small ding on the top left corner of the faceplate. It cannot be seen looking straight on at the amp. I do have a new box from Bryston (it cost me $70) for this amp. $1700 OBO shipped lower 48.

At these prices I cannot accept Paypal but will take a money order or personal check after it clears. Please email me directly at [email protected] for info or pictures. For confidence check my Ebay or Audiogon rating under awtryau89. Thanks.

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