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FS: Denon AVR-3300 Receiver "AS IS" $325 shipped (1 Viewer)

Ray G

Jan 26, 2000
I am selling my Denon AVR-3300 receiver, which has the well-documented "cooling fan" problem. Check out the reviews on audioreview.com to get the experiences [good & bad] from hundreds of owners [You may also want to check out archived threads on this and other discussion forums]. For disclosure sake, here are my experiences with this particular unit:
1. It's placed on the bottom shelf of an enclosed A/V cabinet, 8" clearance on top, opening on back exposing about 2/3 of unit [including vent holes], only about 2" clearance on sides and front.
2. After about 2 hours continuous use, high-pitched whistle begins eminating from the unit, which goes on for about 1-2 minutes, then stops.
3. Shortly thereafter fan kicks in for 1st time, lasts about 20-30 seconds, then goes on every 15-20 minutes thereafter. Fan noise is audible.
4. The unit has never shut down/overheated. All other functioning is normal and performance is otherwise excellent. I have almost always listed to movies/music/TV at soft-moderate volumes [rarely higher than -26dB on volume control]
5. Unit was purchaed refurbished [yeah, I know] and is no longer under warranty. Net feedback is mixed on effectiveness of repair [contact local Denon service center for cost estimate].
6. $325 purchase price includes UPS Ground shipping [insured] to 48 US states only; I'll accept cashier's checks, money orders or Paypal.
7. Unit is sold "AS IS", as buyer's experience with the receiver may be different than what mine has been.
Send me a message if you have any questions.
Ray G

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