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    I will accept money order or cashiers checks for all items. Other forms of payments, including Paypal, are negotiable. All items will be shipped via UPS Ground – insured; and the buyer, based on the UPS website estimated cost from zip code 64114, would pay the cost for shipping and insurance. No additional fees for handling, etc. will be charged.

    Condition for all items is as noted. I can get photos as requested, but my digital camera is not very high resolution. Description includes my sale price and lists the original manufacturers suggested retail prices for the item or items.

    Three pair Phoenix Gold ARx.605 20” True Balanced Interconnects – used between the ICBM and DVD player – excellent condition – sale price $20 for all three pairs. Original MSRP of $11.45/pair or total of $34.35 – small 2 lb box. http://www.partsexpress.com/pe/psho...tnumber=263-481

    Seven single Blue Jeans cables - all 21-1/4" long. Canare LV-77S with Canare RCA ends. I special ordered this length to go between my amp and processor. I bought a new processor and now use balanced interconnects - so these can go. Each cable has a different boot color with six being blue cable and one a black cable. They are as follows (boot color / cable color): red/blue, brown/black, green/blue, black/blue, blue/blue, yellow/blue, white/blue. These cables can be used for digital, analog, or video connectors. I paid $13.50/cable when I purchased these. I will sell for $8.00 per cable, plus shipping. If you want all seven, the price is $50 shipped to anywhere in the continental USA. Here is a link to the website: http://www.bluejeanscable.com/store/...ces2.htm#LV77S

    Please see my feedback on Audiogon (cyclonemike) or on eBay (cyclone_mike).

    Feel free to make an offer.

    Please e-mail me at [email protected]. Thanks, Mike

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