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    Laserdisc collection for sale (Added SW x 2, IJ trilogy and Schindlers List on the end of this list).
    Asking prices are listed after each title in USD (plus shipping). I would like to sell these in minimum groups of 10 LD's. There are some sales pending on some of the LD's in BOLD:
    12 Monkeys LTBX DDAC3 Special Edition Box set Signature collection14
    1941 LTBX Dolby Surround Special Edition Box Set SOLD
    2001: A Space Odyssey Anamorphic WS Dolby Surround Deluxe 25th Anniversary CAV LTBX edition 11
    2010: The Year We Make Contact Anamorphic WS DDAC3 Deluxe LTBX Edtion 11
    A Boy And His Dog LTBX WS special edition First and Second Run Theatrical Trailers and Audio Commentary 8
    A Bronx Tale WS Dolby Surround6
    Abyss WS Dolby Surround Special Edition Box Set THX Certified Collectors11
    Ace Ventura - Pet DetectiveWSDolbyAdditional Footage not seen in theaters9
    Air Force OneWS DDAC3 Original theatrical trailer 10
    AlienWS DDAC3 THX Certified 11
    Aliens WS DDAC3 THX CertifiedFrom original print 11
    All the Presidents MenWS7
    AmadeusWS DDAC3 Special Edition THX Certified Pioneer SE11
    Animal HouseWS Dolby Surround Special Edition THX Certified 9
    Annie HallLTBXDeluxe LTBX EditionTrailer7
    Apocalypse NowWS6
    Apocalypse NowWS DDAC3 THX Certified 11
    Apollo 13WS DDAC3 THX Certified 11
    ArmageddonWS DDAC3 Music Video 11
    Austin PowersWS DDAC3 11
    A Very Brady SequelWSDolby Surround5
    Bad LieutenantDigital Sound6
    Batman and RobinWS DDAC3 11
    Batman ForeverWS DDAC3 11
    Bean - the movieWS DDAC3 9
    Beneath the Planet of the ApesWSDigital StereoSOLD
    Beastie Boys: Sabatoge 7
    Beastie Boys: The skills to pay the bills7
    Beavis and Butt-Head Do AmericaWS Dolby Surround7
    BladeWS DDAC3 Designing blade & theatrical trailer12
    Blade RunnerLTBX Dolby Surround 8
    Blues Brothers the7
    Blues Brothers theWS DDAC3 THX Certified Extra footageSOLD
    Blue VelvetWSDolby Surround6
    Boogie NightsWS DDAC3 12
    Brain CandyWS DDAC3 12
    BraveHeartWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    BulletproofWSDolby Surround6
    CaddyshackWS Dolby Surround Special Edition Documentary - outtakes and rare footage - reminiscences6
    Cape Fear LTBXDolby Stereo6
    Carlito’s WayLTBXDolby Surround6
    CasinoLTBXDigital Sound6
    CB4LTBXDolby Stereo Surround5
    Celebrating A Master: Monk8
    ChinatownWS Digital Sound Pioneer 1974 7
    Clear& Present DangerWS DDAC3 THX Certified 8
    Clifford Dolby Surround 5
    ClockersLTBXDigital Sound UNOPENED6
    Con AirWS DDAC3 THX Certified 11
    Conquest of the Planet of the ApesWSDigital Sound- SOLD
    ContactWS DDAC3 Audio Commentary by Director Robert Zemeckis and producer Steve Starkey 12
    Continental DivideDigital SoundNOT ON DVD ?10
    Cool Hand LukeWS6
    Crimson TideWS DTS THX Certified “Making of “SOLD
    CrooklynLTBXedDigital StereoUNOPENED6
    Dangerous LiasonsWS Dolby Surround 6
    Deep ImpactWS DDAC3 THX Certified 9
    Depeche Mode: Strange too Digital Stereo 8
    DesperadoWS Dolby Surround Audio commentary on analog right Spanish audio on left 8
    Destiny Turns On The Radio5
    Doctor Who-The five doctors Digital MonoCLV 6
    Doctor Zhivago (30th Anniversary)LTBX DDAC3 Special Edition Box Set 12
    Dr. DolittleWS DDAC38
    Dr. GigglesLTBXedDigital Stereo SurroundUNOPENED6
    Dragon (Bruce Lee)LTBX DTS (DTS)SOLD
    DragonHeartLTBX Dolby Surround THX Certified 7
    Dressed To KillWS 5
    Dumb and DumberWSDDAC38
    DuneWS DDAC3 Theatrical Trailer 8
    Easy Rider (bit of rot) WS Special Collectors edition behind the scenes, production stills and audio commentary by peter Fonda, Dennis hopper and Paul lewis3
    Ed WoodLTBXedDolby Surround UNOPENED6
    Enter the DragonWS DDAC3 Special Edition-1973 Behind scenes Original Trailer12
    EraserWSDolby Surround8
    Escape From Alcatraz5
    Escape From L.A.WS DDAC3 THX Certified 7
    Escape from the Planet of the ApesWSDigital Stereo5
    Fantasia Dolby Surround Special Edition BOX SET Commemorative lithograph of 1939 concept painting and program 15
    FargoWSDolby SurroundDeluxe WS version8
    Fawlty Towers Box Set (all 12 episodes) 25
    Ferris Bueller's Day OffP & S5
    Ferris Bueller's Day OffWS Dolby Surround11
    Field of DreamsLTBX Dolby Surround 7
    Five Easy PiecesCriterion Collection8
    Forbidden PlanetWS10
    From Dusk to Dawn(dir. cut)LTBX DDAC3 Exclusive LTBX directors edition audio commentary & special effects demonstrations 6
    Game of DeathWSStereo7
    Gamera vs. Gaos and Gamera vs Zigra5
    Get Shorty LTBX DDAC3 THX Certified Deleted Scene 8
    GhandiWSPioneer Special Edition8
    GodzillaWS DDAC3 Theatrical Teaser x 2 Trailer 11
    Harry Connick Jr: Swining out live6
    Heart of Darkness(movie with Tim Roth and John malcovich, not the "apocalypse making of story") UNOPENED - SOLD
    Heavy MetalWSDolby SurroundSOME ROT2
    Heavy MetalWS Dolby Surround THX Certified 6
    Highlander (Director Cut)WS DDAC3 Special Edition THX Certified Lots of Extra’s 12
    Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy9
    Hunt For Red OctoberWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    Independance DayWS DDAC3 THX CertifiedVolcano Teaser11
    Interview with the VampireWS DDAC3 10
    In the Name of the FatherLTBXed Dolby SurroundUNOPENED6
    Isaac Stern: A life Stereo 6
    James Bond Box Set $25.00
    JB: Dr. NoWS Dolby Surround From the Connery Collection
    JB:From Russia With LoveWS Dolby Surround From the Connery Collection
    JB:GoldfingerWS Dolby Surround From the Connery Collection
    JB:GoldenEyeLTBX DDAC3 THX Certified Special Edition 11
    JB:MoonrakerLTBX DDAC3 THX Certified Trailer11
    JB:Spy Who Loved MeLTBX DDAC3 THX Certified Trailer11
    JB:ThunderBallLTBX DDAC3 THX Certified 11
    JB:Tomorrow Never DiesLTBX DDAC3 Trailer 11
    JumanjiWS Dolby Surround THX Certified 7
    Jungle FeverDigital Stereo UNOPENED5
    Jurassic ParkWS Dolby Surround7
    Jurassic ParkWS DDAC314
    Jurassic ParkWS DTS THX Certified 16
    Jurassic Park: The Lost WorldWS DDAC3featurette: A Look Behind the Scenes14
    KingPin LTBXedDDAC3 Deluxe LTBX Edition - THX Certified 9
    KuffsDolby Surround3
    LA ConfidentialWS DDAC3 “Off the record featurette” 8
    la femme NikitaWS Dolby Surround 6
    Liar LiarWS DTS (DTS) THX Certified 14
    Life is BeautifulWSDDAC3Italian with yellow English subtitles9
    Life of BrianLTBX Dolby Surround CLV audio commentary8
    Logans Run (collector)LTBX DDAC3 WS collectors edition Deleted scenes - featurette and lots more15
    Lorenzo’s OilP & SDolby SurroundUNOPENED6
    Lorenzo’s OilLTBXedDigital Stereo SurroundUNOPENED9
    Lost in SpaceWS DDAC3 WS special edition-Special effects documentary -deleted scenes etc11
    Mad Dog and GloryP & S Dolby Stereo Surround5
    Marathon ManP & S5
    Mars AttacksWS DDAC3 BONUS Music Video11
    Mean StreetsWS5
    Memphis Bell WS Dolby Surround UNOPENED 6
    Men In BlackWS DDAC3 THX Certified 11
    Mission ImpossibleWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    Monty Python: Parrot sketch not included8
    Moon Over ParadorDigital Stereo5
    More American GraffitiDigital Stereo6
    Morrissey: Live in Dallas7
    Mortal KombatWS DTSTheatrical trailer and television spots9
    Mortal Kombat: AnnihilationWS DTS (DTS) Theatrical trailer9
    Mozart: La Nozze di FigaroBox Set 7
    Mystery Science Theater 3000 Dolby Surround 6
    Never Cry Wolf Stereo 5
    Nightmare B4 ChristmasWS DDAC3 12
    Nirvanna: Live tonight sold out 7
    OutbreakWS DDAC3 9
    Patriot GamesWS DDAC3 13
    Pee Wees Playhouse Stereo 4
    Planet of the ApesWS DDAC3 THX Certified 2.35:112
    PleasantvilleWS DDAC3 11
    PsychoWSSignature Collection THX Certified Box Set 12
    Pulp FictionWS Dolby Surround7
    Pulp FictionWS DTS (DTS) THX Certified SOLD
    Pure LuckDigital Stereo SurroundUNOPNED4
    RansomWS DDAC3 THX Certified Extended version includes 18 minutes of never seen footage12
    Reality BitesWSDolby Surround6
    Reservoir DogsWS Dolby Surround 6
    RomeroDigital Stereo Surround UNOPENED6
    RoninLTBX DDAC3 Special Edition THX Commentary - director John F.12
    Running ScaredLTBX teaser trailer - original theatrical trailer6
    SGT. BilkoLTBXedDigital Stereo Surround6
    Saving Private RyanWS DDAC3 THX SOLD
    Say AnythingDigital Stereo4
    Scent of a WomanLTBXedDigital Stereo Surround6
    Schindlers listLTBXDolby Surround16
    Sept 30, 1955Digital Sound5
    Silence of the Lambs (Criterion)WS Special Edition THX Certified Commentary and special features14
    Sinatra, the music... StereoBox Set 10
    SinglesWS Dolby Surround hole-punched corner 2 fave outtake scenes 6
    So I Married an Axe MurdererWSDolby Surround Deluxe WS version 7
    Son of the Pink PantherLTBX Dolby Surround Original theatrical trailer7
    SpaceBallsLTBX DDAC3 Deluxe LTBX edition Original theatrical trailer, behind the scenes, audio commentary 11
    Star Trek TV series $8.00 each per 2 episode LD:
    Star Trek (TOS): Arena
    Star Trek (TOS): The Squire of Gothos
    Star Trek (TOS): The Alternative Factor
    Star Trek (TOS): The City On The Edge Of Forever
    Star Trek (TOS): Wolf In The Fold
    Star Trek (TOS): The Trouble With Tribblee
    Star Trek 2: The Wrath of KhanWS Dolby Surround 5
    Star Trek 6: The Undiscovered CountryWS Dolby Surround 7
    Star Trek: First ContactWS DDAC3 THX Certified 10
    StargateWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    Starship TroopersWS DDAC3 theatrical trailer11
    Strange BrewLTBXDigital Sound 6
    Super Cop (Criterion)WS DDAC3 Special Edition (English DUB + Cantonese language Deleted scenes, U.S. Theatrical trailer, television spots 12
    SwingersWS Dolby Surround 6
    The Terminator Mono (ROT) $1.00
    Terminator 2, Judgement DayWS Dolby Surround Special Edition THX Certified 7
    The AvengersWS DDAC3 6
    the Black Adder 7
    The Blair Witch ProjectFullscreenDigital Stereo Surround6
    The Bridge on the River KwaiWSDeluxe WS presentationtheatrical reissue trailer6
    The Cable GuyWSDolby SurroundDeluxe WS presentation8
    The CrowWS Dolby Surround THX Certified 6
    The Crying GameWSDolby Surround6
    The English PatientWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    The ExorcistWS DDAC3 Special Edition Lots of extra’s12
    The Falcon and the SnowmanWSDolby Surround6
    The Fifth ElementWS DDAC3 8
    The FugitiveWS Dolby Surround 7
    The Godfather WS DDAC3 THX Certified Final directors cut with additional footage - & interviews12
    The Godfather IIWS DDAC3 THX Certified interviews 12
    The Godfather IIIWS DDAC3 THX Certified interviews12
    The Good, the Bad and the UglyLTBX 6
    The Holy Grail (Criterion)LTBX Criterion Collection 10
    The Jazz Masters 9
    The Killer (John Woo’s)WSCriterion Collection - Cantonese with English subtitles12
    The Last Detail5
    The Long Kiss GoodnightWS DDAC3 11
    The man who knew too littleWS DDAC3 UNOPENED 10
    The Mask WS DTS THX Certified 13
    The MissionWS Dolby Surround 6
    The PaperWSDolby Surround7
    The Party LTBX Deluxe LTBX EditionOriginal theatrical trailer 6
    The Princess BrideLTBX Dolby Surround The Criterion Collection 6
    The Public EyeDigital Stereo Surround3
    The Replacement KillersWS DDAC3 Deluxe WS presentationFeatureatte & Trailer 8
    The RockWS DDAC3 11
    The SuperDigital StereoCLV - UNOPENED5
    The ThingLTBX Digital Sound 5
    The Truman ShowWS DDAC3 12
    The Two Jakes7
    The Usual SuspectsWS Dolby Surround some rot on first side 3
    The WaterboyWS DDAC3 7
    The Wild Life4
    ThiefLTBXSpecial Directors Edition - never before scenesAudio Commentary by michael mann and james CaanSOLD
    Time BanditsWS Dolby Surround The Criterion Collection 9
    TitanicWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    Tommy BoyWS Dolby Surround 6
    Top SecretWS Dolby Surround 5
    Toy StoryLTBX DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    Train SpottingLTBX DDAC3 Criterion Collection 13
    Trouble BoundDigital Stereo CLV5
    True Lies WS DDAC3 THX Certified Theatrical trailer and teaser12
    TwisterWS DDAC3 THX Certified Two theatrical trailers12
    U2: Rattle and HumDDAC312
    Ulzana’s RaidDigital Sound6
    Under the Volcano UNOPENED6
    Video Essentials6
    VolcanoWS DDAC3 THX Certified 12
    West Side StoryLTBXDolby SurroundTheatrical re-issue trailer6
    West WorldLTBXStereoDeluxe LTBX Edition6
    What Dreams May ComeWS DDAC3 Theatrical trailerSOLD
    White Man’s BurdenWSDolby Surround6
    WillowWS Dolby Surround THX Certified ROT2
    Young FrankensteinWS Special Edition 8
    Star Wars THX Faces $100.00 shipped
    Star Wars trilogy SE $110.00 shipped
    Phantom Menace $70.00 shipped
    Indiana Jones Trilogy $100.00 shipped
    Schindlers List THX widescreen $20.00 shipped
    or combine with other LD's above and adjust for shipping depending on location and overall weight.
    Make offers here or PM/email me with an offer:
    [email protected]
    thanks [​IMG]
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    I would like Heart of Darkness UNOPENED 5, assuming it's the documentary, and, if you can tell me a bit more, the Sinatra, the music... Stereo Box Set 10.
  3. Jeff D

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    Apr 6, 1999
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    I'm looking, but I'd like to say I'm interested in:
    TrainSpotting, JPark DTS, I'm still looking for others. But I wanted to get in.

    Edit: I'm having a tough time finding more discs I want/need...
  4. David Norman

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    Oct 12, 2001
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    Charlotte, NC
    Chris, you have my wants/needs via email. Sorry I forgot to sign it, but list started with "1941."
  5. Doug Cox

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    Sep 16, 2000
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    I will take Pulp Fiction DTS

  6. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Got one email and noted the others. Doug, I haven't any mail from you, PM or email.
  7. Doug Cox

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    Sep 16, 2000
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    Sent you another email.
  8. Doug Cox

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    Sep 16, 2000
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    YGM to new address
  9. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Lots still for sale. Pending sales are in BOLD.
  10. Chris PC

    Chris PC Producer

    May 12, 2001
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    Just busy with work. I'll get back to everyone about total cost including shipping etc asap. Hopefully today or tomorrow.
  11. JeremySt

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    Aug 19, 2001
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    Real Name:
    YGM --Ill take Mystery Science Theater
  12. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    OK guys. I'm on top of this. Lots of requests for 1 2 or 3 discs so bare with me here. I'd rather send them in batches of 5 or 10, but I'll do my best here. I'll figure everyones stuff out by tomorrow.
  13. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    A blanket request for addresses:
    Doug, Jeremy, Dave and Rick,
    Are you guys still interested in the LD's you requested? I know some of you have said you are, I need addresses. I emailed you with costs I think, unless I don't know what state you're from, and then I'll need to know that. If you're interested in the LD's, email me:
    [email protected]
    your address so I can figure out the shipping cost and I'll be ready to mail them. I'm accepting money orders.
    thanks guys,
  14. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Added Starwars x 2, Indiana Jones trilogy and Schindlers List.
  15. Jason Monette

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    Aug 16, 2000
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    how much for what ever you have left?
  16. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Once I ship this first batch I will redo my list and just post what I have left. I will keep selling them as listed. If you are interested in some LD's, add up the costs for all of them and just make an offer I guess.

    Andrea ([email protected]) email didn't work for me,


    I could not reply to your email. I will look into the costs of shipping LD's to Italy. My LD's are of course, NTSC and I have a number of sales pending (on about 30 or more LD's). As far as how much I'd sell for 100 or more, I guess just add up the individual prices I listed and then I may reduce the overall price. Do you know which LD's you are interested in?

  17. Chris PC

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    May 12, 2001
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    Just another reminder:
    I CANNOT cash a US POSTAL MONEY ORDER in CANADA. They say "Negotiable only in the U.S. and Possessions".
    I must have a United States INTERNATIONAL Postal Money Order in order for it to be cashable in my bank in Canada. These Money Orders are ORANGE in color.

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