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Glenn Baumann

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Mar 31, 1999
I have for sale a complete home theater system minus the display. It consists of a Denon AVR-3200 Dolby Digital receiver, Atlantic Technology 250.1 matched 5 speaker set, M&K V-125 subwoofer and Panasonic RV-80U DVD player. A little background.... the receiver, speakers and sub were purchased new about 4 years ago and have been used very little since having our newborn son who is now 4 years old. All equipment is in perfect like new condition and the receiver has been housed in a sealed, custom built and cooled cabinet. The receiver features Dolby Digital, 85 watts x 5, six channel input and RF demodulator, also have original remote and manual. The 250.1 speakers which are the predecessors to the newer 270 system feature factory stands for the front left and right and the surrounds are dipolar in nature all packed in the original cartons. The V-125 sub is an active, sealed design and features a 125 watt on board amp with variable crossover, phase and output controls. The RV-80 DVD player is brand new, never used and still sealed in it's factory carton. Utilizing the RV-80 DVD player this setup gives you full Dolby Digital AND DTS capability for DVD as the RV-80 sports both Dolby Digital and DTS decoders onboard. This system really does sound terrific as I currently have yet another Denon, the 3801 and yet another Atlantic Tech speaker set , the 270 THX set! You truly can not go wrong for this price... the receiver is bulletproof, the speakers neutral and superb, the sub tight and very musical and the RV-80 one of the best interlaced players ever. All equipment has been highly regarded in all reviews, just ask around! My price for the entire setup is $ 1200.00 US although I would be willing to sell the receiver, speakers and sub for $900.00. The RV-80 is not for sale by itself.
Thanks and regards,

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