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Final Destination 2 .... Can't wait til July 22nd !!! (1 Viewer)

T r o y

Supporting Actor
Jun 7, 1999
Just checked out an early review of Final Destination 2 and it looks awesome!!! Reference Video and Reference Audio!! :emoji_thumbsup:
You can read it here:

I didn't see this movie in the theater. So I'm looking forward to seeing it on DVD. I love horror movies and there even better on DVD when they have reference video and audio to boot. Nice!!

Kyle McKnight

Senior HTF Member
Mar 8, 2001
If you loved the first one, you'll enjoy this one probably just as much.

Gotta love the way the movie ends with the arm and all.


Second Unit
Mar 28, 2003
I was a bit disappointed with FD2, but I do agree that if you liked the first one, you should enjoy the second one overall. I don't think it's quite as good, but it does have enough good moments to make it worthwhile.

Bill Burns

Supporting Actor
May 13, 2003
I'm in a happy minority, I think, based on the reviews I've seen and heard from various sources, but I found this film to a be a superb entry in its genre. That DVDFile review calls it a "spatter" movie, which I suppose it is, but I honestly found it hilarious and great fun, like a carnival ride. I saw and enjoyed the first film, but found its dialogue much more stiff and its character development decidedly more absurd. The sequel feels pitch-perfect to me, never too self-aware or heavy-handed, and I caught it twice in theatres as a result.

I reckon I'll stave off any further details here (such might be better for a movies forum thread), but it's a humdinger of a picture, and if over-the-top, extremely creative bits of jeopardy are your idea of a good time at the movies, you'll have a very good time with this one. The gore is so silly that it plays into the hilarity I mentioned earlier, but in the interest of fairness I should mention that a group of young women in the first showing I attended screamed like hyenas at several of the deaths, and one gal left the theatre obnoxiously yelling "I can't take any more!" ... only to return a bit later and go on screaming. Yes, the management is a bit lax at that theatre :rolleyes. The ladies were more over the top than the film, but it apparently affects audiences in a variety of ways. Personally, I must confess that I adore Andrea Cook's (she plays Kimberly Corman) sparkling blue eyes to a point of near mesmerism, and they come across stunningly in her many close-ups in Final Destination 2 ... but that's just me. ;)

I loved it. Very highly recommended. The DVD looks like it'll prove a homerun.

Damin J Toell

Senior HTF Member
Mar 7, 2001
Brooklyn, NY
Real Name
Damin J. Toell
I thought the first film was an enjoyable film, but I found the sequel to be horrendous. It has some of the most jaw-droppingly awful dialogue I've heard in a major studio film. The constant need for preposterous exposition ruined all that was enjoyable about the storyline.


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