Fight Club, Big Trouble, Sound of Music Discontinued!

Matthew H

Second Unit
Jul 31, 2001
Reading that about Office Space going to Pan & Scan got me thinking. I remember all this SE talk going on a little while back with this film. Any word on it? If not I think I'm going to have to pick up the current edition out now...

John Berggren

Senior HTF Member
Jun 17, 1999
Office Space SE is still coming. Says Peter Staddon. If you do a search on his posts, it'll be one of the last 5, I think.


Stunt Coordinator
Feb 8, 2002
Does this mean 'Die Hard' and 'The French Connection' are the next victims? What about newer releases like 'Planet Of The Apes(2001)' or 'The Phantom Menace' --
Man, FOX is really starting to blow

I never bothered with Independence Day (Let's face it the movie Sucked!!)
I never picked up The Abyss b/c it's non-anamorphic.
I still have hope that one day it will be released with a new transfer but I will be pissed beyond belief if it doesn't include the 2nd disc of extras....
I'm gonna have to get the new or upcoming releases like 'From Hell', 'Speed' and 'Predator' sooner than later.
Fox's new DVD campaign should be "YOU SNOOZE, YOU LOSE!"


Supporting Actor
Feb 10, 1999
Do you guys know that FOX's single disc reissue policy had hit AUSTRALIA as well?Their plans will eventually invade the whole world.

This may be disrespectful to our fellow friend Mr.STADDON,but i feel that he should at least post a little view on the current situation/trend that is started by FOX.

20TH CENTURY FOX...a studio that put out lots of quality products,had been voted as the most popular studio among HTF members and consumers as well.Their effort on any release had inspired other studios to "copy" their move on DVD products.
Now,by showing bigger interest on single disc re-release,FOX impression to valuable consumers will...degrade?

Sean Moon

Senior HTF Member
Jan 25, 2001
The Pan and Scan thing is here folks, but Fox is handling it better than any other studio. They are giving us the fans the anamorphic versions first, then many months down the line, giving the non-believers their panandscan. The widescreen versions are staying on the market, maybe without the second disc, but at least the film is staying OAR as well as P&S.
I may not like the idea of pan and scan, but fox is doing it better than anyone else, and their two disc sets put other studios to shame

Thomas T

Senior HTF Member
Sep 30, 2001
Excuse me but what's the fuss? If I really want a DVD title I get it the first month or two of its release. These releases have been available for months though I suspect many of the complainers already have these titles.

You snooze you lose? Who said life was fair. There are a couple of titles that I wouldn't have minded adding to my DVD collection that I've missed out on because I dragged my feet and they went out of print. I've got no one to blame but myself. At least Fox is warning us.

george kaplan

Senior HTF Member
Mar 14, 2001
The fuss is that not everyone has the luxury of having seen every movie ever released. I have a young son and don't get to go to the movies very often. I have to rent films, and it takes a while to see everything. I haven't yet seen all of the films that are being downgraded. It'll sure suck if once I see it and want it that it's no longer available in a decent version.

Jesse Skeen

Senior HTF Member
Apr 24, 1999
The single-disc movies (like Office Space) that are being reissued with pan and scan versions are supposed to include BOTH formats on the same disc. Big Trouble in Little China is also supposed to include both versions (though having seen this on VHS, I have to wonder who in their right mind would CHOOSE to watch it in pan and scan given the choice!)

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