DVD Empire screwed up...I think.

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Derrik Draven, Oct 11, 2001.

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    Just got my copy of Good Will Hunting Special Edition yesterday, watched it last night, then tried to view some of the special edition stuff.
    That's where the problem came in. Only extras I could find were the original trailer, a music video and other movie selections.
    That's it.
    No commentaries, no deleted scenes, no still pictures, ect. Basically, everything that makes this edition supposedly special.
    Funny thing though, the keepcase is clearly the special edition one.
    I didn't somehow miss all the extras on this disc?!!? They aren't hidden somewhere are they?
    Anyone have this disc that can verify that the extra stuff is right there, out in the open to view?
    Anyhoo, I just sent the disc back to them explaining my discovery, and someones mistake.
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    How would this be DVD Empire's fault? If the packaging is for the Collector's Series and it came sealed, then I'd say it was a packaging error by Disney's DVD replicator.
    Look at the label on the DVD itself. Is it for the Collector's Series? If not, contact DVD Empire for a replacement.

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