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Dolby Atmos on Yamaha RX V1083 - Disney + etc (1 Viewer)


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May 1, 2004

I own a Yamaha RxV1083. Terrific Receiver.

I am mystified by one thing though. How do I know if I am receiving an ATMOS signal? Back in the old days a little icon would light up on my receiver to tell me it was receiving DTS or Dolby Digital 5.1 etc..

I run the majority of my home theater viewing through my Xbox one which is set to receive and transmit an ATMOS signal via HDMI and predictably (and confusingly) the Receiver displays ATMOS/PCM on screen pretty much all the time, regardless of signal type. If I play a bluray it will switch to DTS if that signal is chosen or DD but for something like Disney + whether it streams in Dolby Atmos or DD, it seems to always show ATMOS PCM on screen. WandaVision is supposed to be in ATMOS as are a lot of other streaming movies on Disney + but I can't say I have noticed any particular difference in sound quality.

I recently watched Dr Strange on Disney + (which I own on Blu ray and thus plays back in DDMA) which is supposed to be in ATMOS but I can't say I noticed a difference. I certainly didn't notice items placed around in space or anything height related in the sound mix. And the OSD showed ATMOS/PCM
when the movie was playing

When I have sound tested DD vs Atmos on an Atmos blu ray, I have noticed definite differences ( The drone scene at the beginning of Blade Runner 2049 comes to mind as does one of the City scape scenes from Ghost in the Shell) with items flying overhead and very specific sounds projected in space. I haven't noticed anything particularly different on the Receiver display to denote an ATMOS signal - there doesn't seem to be a an ATMOS icon that comes on or anything like that. Unfortunately, my 3d blu ray player doesn't do ATMOS playback so I don't have another signal source for comparison.

So how do you know if it is ATMOS or PCM? Anyone know?


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