Do you know anyone thinking of going to Gibbs College?

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    Ten years ago, i went there. Biggest scam operation ever. Half the teachers where either bizarre, or didn't know what they where teaching about. One guy never showed up, and when we started to ask for our money back, was replaced with one week to go, only to get an A for the course to show we took it. Not once did we use our books, and I returned them before time was up to do so.

    Our 'administrator' was a 70+ year old lady who didn't seem to know what she was doing... the 'dean' ignored all our complaints. I didn't even get a certificate from this crummy school. They kept on saying I didn't pass, even though all my 'report card' grades where within passing limits. All they kept on sending me where letters saying, 'Be sure to sign up for next semester, and where's our money?'

    I had a bank manager mention to me that he was thinking of signing up after conversation startd toward 3D stuff. I told him his aunt was right to tell him to avoid it like the plauge. Just to see if they changed in the last ten years, I did some research. Their parent company, wich bought the school in 1994 has a couple dozen lawsuits from former students and employees who where suckered into debt by them and their promises. They also promise a job placement program, but we never even saw it. One lady I talked to at a radio shack down the street graduated from the school a year before. That's job placement for a Visual communications school?

    So, a warning, and a question. If you know ANYONE thinking of signing up for this thing, tell them NO! Spend their money elsewhere at a more acredited place. Anything that has adds on daytime TV can't be good.

    Two:If I wanted to post bumper stickers on school grounds, could I get in trouble? I want it to say, 'Avoid Gibbs', and post the link to the expose 60 Minutes did on them and how they scam students. I saw a whole bunch of kids outside of the livingston NJ school waiting to get in, and I OH so much wanted to stop over and say, 'Don't Bother!'

    Thanks :0
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    Sounds like a private school... If they saw you actually putting posters up on their property, I'm sure they could call the cops and threaten to arrest you for tresspassing. I don't know enough about libel to say if this could get to court or anything though. Don a ski mask and do it at night!


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