Do Roll-up Screens Tend to Wrinkle??

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by Tom Kay, Mar 25, 2005.

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    I have been thinking about the best way to have a screen come down in front of my TV, when it's time to watch projector-worthy stuff, and then disappear when its back to regular TV.

    My first thought was to frame-mount a 100" screen and then have it "deploy" down from the ceiling by motor and gears, then tuck back up when not in use. I wanted to avoid a roll-down screen because I had always assumed that they do two bad things; one, wrinkle in the corners, thereby distorting that part of the picture, and two, swing back and forth a bit if there's any breeze in the room. I really do mean light air movement, not a howling gale.

    So, are these valid concerns? Is there a way to ensure no corner wrinkles on rolled-down screens? And is screen movement a problem at all?

    Thanks. If I can use a roll-down screen, it simplifies things immensely. Cheers, Tom.
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    The wrinkling wasa concern of mine. It may not be noticed from head on, but when viewed from closer to the side the it could be seen. There are tensioned pull down and motorized screens for more money. There have alse been a couple of diy designs I have seen the members use here as you suggested, a framed screen that would retract out of the way.

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