DISC SPACE or DISC QUALITY? Factors that affects DVD releases…

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    After I had received my last DVD of the year, RUSH HOUR 2, I had been thinking, is there any PERFECT release of DVD that had pleased both hardcore sound and vision fanatics?

    What do we really want?

    Better sound? Sure…the studios can do it. If they put any other extras that may occupy disc space into another disc, make the release as a 2 disc set, it can be achieved. But no…when one field is done perfectly, some ask for more…such as…additional 5.1 channel full track of another language. Which in this case made PEARL HARBOR a "breaker" release.

    Best video? While some other studios finds it hard to achieve, one managed to do it, CTHV. Their re-releases had managed to get some positive review from various professionals. But some,(that includes me) do not see any much "best video" presentation at all.

    The best release that I had seen so far, that captures lots of great attention from collectors, is not STARWARS:TPM, but the ULTIMATE EDITION of T2 which pleases both audio and video fanatics. It even comes with three different version of the film with seamless branching feature.

    Currently showing in cinema, LORD of the RINGS, runs 3hrs long. Should NEWLINE put in INFINIFILM special feature or additional 5.1ch full track of other language that may make it another "BREAKER" as what had happened to PEARL HARBOR or release it pure and simple in one language with 2-digi-surround tracks into 1 disc?

    Studio's executives may have hard time pleasing the crowds. But it is time for them to consider hard since a new year is coming(it will be tomorrow!), with more upcoming films that maybe more attractive to moviegoers and ht fanatics. And not to forget,longer running times.

    Just to bring up a few examples…




    And not to forget a D.C VISTA release of PEARL HARBOR
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    Neil Joseph
    How about Gladiator? Video, sound (dts), extras.
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    Toy Story 2 is about as good as you can get in my opinion. A flawless video transfer and a stellar soundtrack that will likely destroy your sub in the first three minutes if it's not prepared for it.

    Oh yes, and if you get the Ultimate Toy Box collector's set, you'll get some nice features as well, including a great commentary track and a third disc of many special features.

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