Denon 3802 Sub Test Tone vs. Avia

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    Jul 15, 2000
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    I first leveled the speakers on a Denon 3802, including the sub, at 75db. I then popped in Avia, set the volume level at -10 on the receiver, and all the speakers levels were bang-on 75db... except the sub.

    The Avia sub level (left, center and right) was around 4db higher than the Denon test tone's level. That is, when the Denon test tone for the sub showed 75db on the RS meter (yes: 3db hot), the Avia sub level tone showed 79db on the RS meter.

    Theories? Explanations?

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    Nov 28, 2000
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    Could have to do with the signal being output by the receiver vs. the signal from Avia. If they are not the same (having the same sound content), one could give different readings on the SPL meter.

    e.g. what if the AVia had a true white noise (or whatever) signal for the sub, but the Denon's internal noise rolled off at a higher frequency. Then, to the SPL meter, the Avia's signal would be "louder".

    Just a guess....

    FWIW, I hear that it's always best to calibrate using Avia or the like because you're never listening to something created by the receiver, you're always listening to the output of the DVD player. Makes sense to me.

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