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Day After Tomorrow - 2 Disc DVD, Region 3, my little review (Highly Recommendet) (1 Viewer)


Supporting Actor
Oct 14, 2003
today i received my copy of the 2 disc dvd of roland emmerich's "the day after tomorrow" (region3) and i must admit it's a pretty good set. on disc 1 you get the movie with english and thai language in dolby digital 5.1 and a english dts track + subtitles in both languages. extras are 2 audio commentary and an inside look of alien vs. predator (2 min) and that's it. more extras are on 2 disc like deleted scenes with commentary, how the mix of the movie was done, vfx bts and much more. so far i can say it looks pretty nice and u get a closer look how tdat was made. i checked up the audio commentary with director roland emmerich and producer mark gordon for about 30min and so far you get some nice infos and insights of some funny stuff that happened on the set.

now to the part you really wanna know: the dvd quality of the movie ;) in 2 words: very good :emoji_thumbsup: fox did a careful job bringing this film to dvd and you get what you would except from a film only a few months old. the picture is very clean, no hint of dirt or other print damages. the detail is pretty good and i couldn't find any sign of edge enhancement on that sharp transfer. on the audio side it's all top notch. deep rumbling bass (new york tsunami for example) and lots of fine detail of ambient noise (howling winds, etc.). the music score is presented very well on all channels and it was a pleasure to listen to this mix. i only listened to the dts track but i assume the dolby track is not bad either. the english subtitles are well placed and accurate. dunno about the thai subs as i don't speak this language ;)

final thoughts: if you liked this film and/or you're looking for a good new demo dvd then this is your call: get it! ok, this review is for the region 3 dvd and i know that the region 1 will only come as a single disc but i still recommend it to buy as the movie itself comes in very good quality. if you want the extra bonus from 2 disc, then you have to get the region 3 or the region 2 dvd or you wait for the 2 disc region 1 as i've heard it will come sometime next year.

oh, there is one thing i didn't like about this dvd: no trailers at all. not for this film or other fox releases :thumbsdown: c'mon fox, put again trailers on your dvds :)


ps: this was my first dvd review :D

Richard Waller

Second Unit
Oct 24, 2001
Thanks for the review. I was thinking about picking this version up so I don't have to wait until next year for the extras. I never saw this movie, but I've got a soft spot for Emmerich movies since they're usually fun popcorn flicks.

Ryan Wong

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 6, 2002
Will the 2 disc Region 1 DVD contain more extras than the 2 disc set that available now? That might be the reason why Fox is holding the 2nd disc. Or maybe an Director Cut... Any news?

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