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Considering selling my Pioneer 606 LD / RFD-1 Demod / Several LDs (1 Viewer)

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
I have decided I need a specific audio input device for the film I'm working on, and have decided to part ways with my LD player and accessories if it will afford me the ability to buy the audio equipment I need.
So, I am offering:
Pioneer 606 Laserdisc/CD player: 2 s-video outputs, 2 composite outputs, 2 sets of analog audio outputs, PCM optical out (passes DTS on LD), RF AC-3 output (passes dolby digital).
This player is in excellent shape, include original remote and manual (I might also have the original box, if not then I'll pack it very well). It has been in a rack since the day I bought it, so it is essentially like-new.
Does auto-flip sides, does CAV features like freeze and slow-mo on CLV discs (they call this digital field store)- has pretty much all the bells and whistles offered by pioneer on their players, and can pass both the AC-3 Dolby Digital Signal and DTS with no modification.
Get the great uncompressed 2 channel PCM LD offers that DVD doesn't, get the 5.1 channel Dolby signals which many people think are better on LD, and listen to FULL BITRATE DTS LASERDISCS, the holy grail of home theater!
Average Ebay price seems to be right around $200
Pioneer RFD-1 Demod: The built like a tank heavy metal RF-demodulator made by pioneer. Have original box, have instructions, is like brand new has been mounted in rear of my rack since I opened it.
This unit turns the Dolby RF bitstream that is contain on LD into a digital signal like the DD on DVD so you receiver can accept it. In addition, it offers a pcm passthrough- so you can hook both digital outputs on the CLD-606 laserdisc player into this unit, and it will pass a single digital output and switch between PCM, DD and DTS automatically without any messing around.
Unit also offers either Optical or Coax output, so use whichever you have free on your receiver.
These are nearly impossible to find, and this one is essentially brand spankin new- not a scratch.
Ebay price hovers right around $225.
Software Titles:
All are in good shape, no sign of rot. All of the plastic pouches have been replaced with plastic lined paper sleeeves.
The Star Wars Trilogy: The original trilogy which according to most sources will NEVER appear on DVD. The only way to see the films as the played in theaters! Letterboxed to the OAR 2.35:1 and featuring the original 2 channel soundtrack on UNCOMPRESSED PCM DIGITAL AUDIO! These bad boys in Pro Logic sound better than many 5.1 DVD and LD titles I have owned!! All 3 movies, ANH, ESB, ROTJ in gatefold sleeves with nice artwork. Average selling price $20
Jurassic Park DTS: Forget the whimpy DVD versions- the full bitrate DTS Laser is the only way to watch this film. Comes in gatefold sleeve (slightly damaged, sorry)- sound is earth shaking and considered by many to be the best availble for the home format! Average selling price $50.
ET Limited Edition Boxset: The original E.T., not the new CGI altered version to hit theaters and eventually DVD. Includes a wealth of supplements- a documentary taking you through the whole production, deleted scenes including Harriison Ford's secenes as the principal and even includes Henry Thomas' screen test audition! Packaged in attractive, numbered box with lined interior and includes the theatrical soundtrack on CD (my copy is unopened). Widescreen CAV discs, look really good on my linedoubled front projection system. #7485/10000 Average selling price $60.
Criterion Slingblade: Features attractive gateold jacket and extras not on DVD: commentary by Billy Bob, deleted scenes with Billy Bob explaination and documentary on the film. OAR letterbox. Average selling price $20.
Criterion Shine: Features extras not on DVD: commentary by Director and Star and footage of the real David Helfgotton which the film is based. Dolby Digital 5.1 (includes a dolby trailer like most DD lasers do) OAR letterbox. Average selling price $12.
Criterion She's Gotta Have it: Unrated director's cut, audio commentary by Spike & crew, Deleted Scenes, Outtakes, Spike & Mike Nike ads, Photo gallery, more... Average selling price $12
Video Essentials: Absolutely needed for calibrating LD system. I found the LD playback to be more red than DVD- and VE for LD is as important as your VE for DVD! I have no idea what this is worth as I have never seen a copy other than mine.
Say Anything: Full Frame ld of this excellent movie, not on DVD. Don't know what this is worth.
Family Dog boxset: Cult hit from Tim Burton and Steve Spielberg! All episodes of the family fod TV series (10 episodes) in an attractive box. Don't know what thsi is worth
Best Boy: Documentary which won the academy award for best documentary in 1980. Don't know what this is worth.
Other misc non movie discs (We are the world video, a set of LDs on how to set up a DOS networking system [very cool 80's technology stuff!])
So you can start a great LD collection today with titles you will NEVER see on DVD in their original format, and extras which will never be on DVD either. A good player, a demod (which is hard to find) and full DD, PCM and DTS support in one setup.
Could probably sell piece by piece on ebay for $675. Offering it on the HTF for $500 plus shipping.
An excellent setuo for anyone who wants to get into LD, the most wanted titles and a system ready to rock.
I don't want to sell, but need some audio gear. Will only sell if I can get my asking price, otherwise I'll just hold onto it all. Email any questions to me.

Vince Maskeeper

Senior HTF Member
Jan 18, 1999
I have found someone who really wants the demodulator- so I would take $250 for the Player and all titles without the RF Demod if someone wants to buy the rest.
Package is still available together for $500; but will also take $250 for just the player and discs if someone would rather go that route...
Excellent opportunity to get in to LD with a quality player and some MUST HAVE titles for a very affordable price.
Email me
[email protected]

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