Comprehensive List: Films Never on DVD: 1980-1981

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    1980: Agency, American Success Company (Col), The Baltimore Bullet (LG, Scorpion), B.C. Rock, Beyond Evil, Beyond Erotica, Blood Beach, Bon Voyage Charlie Brown (Par), , Borderline (Shout), Cafe Express, Cloud Dancer, The Club, Coast to Coast (Par, Olive), Coming Out Alive, Covert Action, Desperate Target, Dr, Heckyll and Mr. Hype(MGM), Ther Earthling (MGM), Falling in Love Again (MGM), Final Assignment, Foolin Around (Col), G.O.R.P. (MGM), Gemini Strain, Get Rollin, Gizmo, Gong Show Movie (U), Great Skycopter Chase (MGM), Happy Birthday Gemini (MGM), Hardly Working (Fox), Headin For Broadway(Fox), HEALTH (fox), Hog Wild (Shout), Home Movies (MGM), Hot Shots , Human Experiments, I Go Pogo, In God We Trust (U), Island Claws, It Rained All Night The Day I Left, Joe and Maxi, Kidnapping of the President, Lady Grey, Legend of Cougar Mountain, Leo and Loree (MGM), Little Darlings (Par, Olive), Little Dragons, London Conspiracy (LG), Lucky Star, Mama Dracula, McVicar, Michael Kolhaus (Columbia), Middle Age Crazy (Fox?), Monster, Night Games (LG, Scorpion), Night of the Juggler, Nightkill (LG, Scorpion), Nothing Personal (MGM), On the Nickel (WB), One Wild Moment, The Outsider (Par), Pacific High, Phobia(Par), The Pilot, Powderheads, Rockshow, Rough Cut (Par), second Chance (MGM), Seed of Innocence (MGM), Sir Henry of Rawlinson End, Space Movie(WB), Sunday Lovers (WB), Suzanne, Tanyas Island, Terror on Tour, There Goes the Bride, 3 Way Weekend, Touched By Love (Col), Tribute (WB), Tusk, Willie and Phil (Fox), Why Would I Lie? (WB), Without Warning (Shout?), Wolf Lake, World is Full of Married Men

    1981: Amy (Disney), Beatlemania , Bordello, Buddy Buddy (WB?),Car Crash, Cattle Annie and Little Britches (MGM), Chanel Solitaire, Cheaper to Keep Her, Chu Chu and the Philly Flash (Fox), The Coming (U), Demonoid, Dirty Tricks (Shout), Earthbound (Olive), Endless Love (U), Full Moon High (MGM), Garde e Vue, Gas (Par), Going Ape (Par), Goodbye Pork Pie (MGM), Great White, Green Ice (LG), Grendel, Grendel, Grendel, Harrys War (Olive), Heartaches(MGM), Home Sweet Home, Improper Channels, Jaws of Satan (MGM), Kelly (Par), Killing Heat, King of the Mountain (U), La Pelle (Col), La Vie Continue (Col), Legend of the Wind (Olive), Loch Ness Horror, Longshot, Loophole, Lunch Wagon, Man Who Saw Tomorrow (WB),Next Year If All Goes Well, Night The Lights Went in Georgia(MGM), On the Right Track(Fox), Only When I Laugh(Col), Pacific Banana, Passion of Love, Paternity (Par), The Pit, Puberty Blues, Pursuit of DB Cooper (U), Riding High, Roar, Rubber Tarzan, Running Scared, Silence of the North (U), Spaceship, Street Music, Swan Lake, Tattoo (Fox), Texas Lightning, Threshold (Fox), Ticket to Heaven (MGM), Tragedy of a Ridiculous Man (WB), Treasure of the Yankee Zephyr (MGM), Tuck Everlasting, Tulips, Underground Aces (MGM), Your Ticket is No Longer Valid
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    Some of these have had DVD releases, but never in region 1 (or 0) NTSC to my knowledge:
    Akaler Sandhane a.k.a. In Search of Famine (1980)
    Elippathayam a.k.a Rat-Trap(1981)
    Postriziny a.k.a. Cutting It Short (1981)
    Be Pretty and Shut Up (1981)
    Nerawareta gakuen a.k.a. School in the Crosshairs (1981)
    Sadgati a.k.a. Deliverance (1981)

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