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Nelson Au

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Mar 16, 1999
Hey guys,

This is a sort of an off the cuff post. I was reviewing some older titles in my collection. I watched the blu ray of In The Line of Fire last night, hadn’t seen it in a while. Still a good movie.

In reading over Clint Eastwood’s Wikipedia entry, I went over his filmography and I was thinking there’s a lot of his films I have on DVD, but not blu ray yet.

I know there was a discussion of the Man with No Name-Sergio Leone film series. I’ve seen The Good The Bad and the Ugly, but not in a very long time, not a big western fan so i’ve never owned any copies of that series. And I recall there is a new blu ray release of that series. I know Eastwood’s later film, Unforgiven. I’ve seen some clips but not sure I want to go there yet.

The main focus of interest are a few films from the 1970’s, specifically, Play Misty for Me and the Dirty Harry series, also I have a fondness for The Gauntlet. These I haven’t seen in a long time and I don’t have them on blu ray. In looking a little before posting here, there is a Dirty Harry collection on blu ray that is a UK release in Amazon.com the US outlet, not UK Amazon. That makes me think there is no US release available anymore? But the UK release must be region free.

I see Play Misty for Me is an individual release for region 1 plus it’s also included in a Eastwood collection that has films I’ve not seen before and I wasn’t too sure I was interested in, such as The Beguiled, Coogan’s Bluff, The Eiger Sanction and Misty. There’s two versions of The Gauntlet, one that’s available from Amazon with a generic cover art and one from third party sellers with Frank Frazetta’s movie poster art which is a much better cover art.

I have a full screen DVD copy of Bridges of Madison County that i’ve seen once. I thought it was a good film, lamented there wasn’t a widescreen copy at the time. I see there’s a widescreen blu ray now, that one is on the maybe list too.

There are a lot of other Eastwood films, but I was interested in just the titles I mentioned to start with for adding to the collection. I was surprised I didn’t see a region 1 blu ray Dirty Harry collection, but then I haven’t looked that hard.

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