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    Here's my question:
    I had a question about the Elite 45TX receiver. I have Polk LSi speakers that are rated at 4 ohms, but which actually average around 6 ohms according to Polk. Will the 45TX have a problem driving these speakers? I don't see any mention of ohms in the specs. Also, does the 45TX come with 7.1 preouts to hook up an external amplifier?
    Here's the reply:
    Thank you for contacting Pioneer Electronics, Inc.
    The recommended rating for Pioneer receivers is 8 ohms or more, but 6 ohms should be OK.
    Thank you
    Hmmmmmm didn't really answer the speaker question and didn't even address the preouts question. Sigh. I have a feeling that the people responding to inquiries at big companies like Pioneer are just people off the street with spec sheets in front of them. [​IMG]
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    They don't want you suing them because running 4 ohm speakers caused a fire(kind of far-fetched) that burns your house down.

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