Cheap SACD/DVD players in 2004

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Ian Montgomerie, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. Ian Montgomerie

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    Very cheap SACD/DVD players on the way in 2004. Good chance of them coming under 100 dollars. Heck, a 100 dollar universal player is not out of the question.


    MILPITAS, Calif., July 28 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- LSI Logic Corporation (NYSE: LSI - News), a leader in multimedia processing for the Digital Home, today announced that it is addressing the needs of the high-volume DVD playback market with its newest products, the single-chip LSI Logic ZiVA(TM)-6 DVD player family of system processors. Based on a market-proven architecture that has shipped in tens of millions of DVD players to date, the sixth-generation ZiVA-6 family consists of fully integrated system processors that include the MPEG processing and front-end servo logic for a cost-effective DVD player solution. The ZiVA-6 family supports emerging DVD features, such as SACD (Super Audio CD) playback and a PCMCIA interface for wireless connectivity or Flash media support, bringing new content into one device in the living room. To reduce manufacturers' risk and time-to-market, LSI Logic offers the ZiVA-6 family as part of a complete manufacturing kit (ZiVA-6MK).

    "Manufacturers are taking a tiered approach to the market, so we are addressing both the sub-$50 volume DVD players and the step-up models with the ZiVA-6 family," said Timothy Vehling, senior director of marketing for Consumer Products, LSI Logic's Broadband Entertainment Division. "By integrating SACD and other features in a single chip, we're empowering manufacturers to cost-effectively bring these features to the volume market. And, our manufacturing kit makes it easier for consumer electronics manufacturers to get to market faster with full-featured products."

    To differentiate DVD products, the ZiVA-6 family provides features for standard DVD players, DVD home theatre in a box (HTiB) and new, networked digital DVD devices. The ZiVA-6 processor family supports the latest in high-quality audio content, including DVD-Audio and SACDs. With thousands of titles now available, SACD -- supported by Philips Electronics and Sony -- is increasing in number of titles and popularity because it gives consumers exceptional sound quality that accommodates more than four times the information of the current CD format. The integrated SACD support and direct S/PDIF (Sony/Philips Digital Interface) input, combined with ZiVA-6-supported audio formats (DVD-Audio, MPEG-1, MP3, Dolby Digital(TM), Dolby ProLogic(TM), DTS, HDCD and WMA), gives manufacturers the ideal solution for DVD HTiB. Karaoke and Phantom Surround(TM) sound are also available through the ZiVA-6 family of processors.

    For networked digital DVD products, the ZiVA-6 family integrates a PCMCIA interface that enables personal digital content, such as JPEG photos and MP3 files, to be shared with the DVD player via Flash media or an 802.11 wireless connection. With these features, consumers can obtain content directly from their digital cameras or wirelessly from their home PC to enjoy in the comfort of their living rooms. In addition, ZiVA-6 provides the highest quality progressive scan for a clearer viewing experience with its TrueScan(TM) technology.

    "In the DVD playback market, which ships millions of units each year, manufacturers are challenged to get to market quickly with new lower-cost designs and to provide differentiated products with new features at a higher price," said Michelle Abraham, In-Stat/MDR. "With the ZiVA-6 family, LSI Logic has made a cost-effective, flexible design that meets these volume-market and differentiated product needs."


    Addressing the cost-performance requirements of standard DVD players, ZiVA-6 family integrates all the front-end and back-end functions of a DVD into a single chip, including MPEG processing, servo logic and audio and video DACs. Leveraging this integration, the ZiVA-6MK (manufacturing kit) reduces risk, time-to-market and BOM costs. The ZiVA-6MK supports multiple loaders and OPUs (optical pick-ups) for design flexibility. The complete manufacturing kit features a slim-line chassis design and includes the ZiVA-6 processor, a loader and motor driver, as well as all the literature and software to quickly and easily get DVD products to market. This solution reduces the total BOM for a DVD player to less than $30.

    Pricing and Availability

    Samples of both the ZiVA-6 DVD system processor and the ZiVA-6MK will be available to qualified customers this quarter. Pricing for the processors is less than $10 in volume quantities.

    LSI Logic's Broadband Entertainment Division provides innovative digital media processing and silicon solutions to industry-leading, worldwide consumer electronics manufacturers. With a complete line of cutting-edge products for DVD, DVR, video peripheral, digital and HDTV, set-top box, and professional video editing/broadcasting devices, LSI Logic delivers entertainment into and throughout the Digital Home. For more information on LSI Logic's DVD playback and DVD recorder products, please visit:
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    This is good news for the advancement of the two hi-rez formats, but I would not expect a $100 player to be a good performer when compared to what we have been offered thus far. I could be wrong. Time will tell.
  3. peter m. wilson

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    I don't think you have to wait until 04 to get some bargains ie: closeouts.

    Many of you have read the same reviews as i have on combi players (does this format well/the other not so well).

    I'm fortunate that my reciever Denon upgraded 5800 has 2 sets of analogs, but RatShack has cheap switchers anyway.

    Now that their flogging these combi players, I think we can pick up some bargains. The other thing that drives me nuts are single disc players!! fine for watching a dvd for 2hrs, but whatif you just want to hear a couple of cuts on a dvd-a HELLOO!!.

    I pickedup a couple of entry level players that seem tobe doing the job for me. I want to qualify the following bystating that I use a Panny rp82 for video (even though it's great for dvd-a) only. So I don't care about the video capabilties of my HIREZ audio players.

    For dvd-a the 7disc JVCFA92SL $199cdn (also progscan)
    For sacd 5 disc Sony DVP -NC650V $299cdn (interlaced, but has bitmeter and does shuffle as well as time/text so you can tell which disc your playing.

    I use Totem Model 1 all around including signature center (very pleased) the center was the only new speaker the others were "previously enjoyed"

    In the US I would think you have a much bigger selection and I drool over the pricing. In Us dollars both my players to-gether would have set you back $350 with 12 disc capability.

    Peter m.
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  5. John Kotches

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    It's about time you guys at LSI announced Ziva-6 [​IMG]


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