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    Nick So
    Allright, im looking for a CHEAP CHEAP soundcard that'll gimme at least 4ch sound, and EAX support.. Just something better than my onboard 2ch sound.
    I emphasize CHEAP. Im looking for something around $30 CAD ($20USD). Im not gonna save my money for a better card, coz frankly, i dont need a better one. I'd save it and use it on something else, and id still spend $30 on the sound card
    I have a couple in mind:
    AOpen AW840:
    Herculese MuseLt:
    No-name Cmedia8738 chipset 6ch sound card:
    I'd rather ppl gimme impressions and suggestions on THESE sound cards' ive listed first before they start suggesting other cards.
  2. Matt Weyen

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    You may want to try the TheaterExcel (aka audioexcel 515)
    for $20 you can't beat it. It has 6 channels and a daughter card that has an optical out and in. Its easy to find on ebay with a quick search of audioexcel or go to this site:
    another easy to use CHEAP card that I also use is the creative live (non 5.1, but has digital out). I use this card in my htpc and think its great, especially for the price. Everything works through the digital out whereas with the theaterexcel, only ac3 would come out of the optical out when I specified it in the program I use (powerdvd). A quick search under sound cards should provide you with the lowest price possible.

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