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    If it wouldn't be too much trouble, please list some of your favorite sources for people looking for speaker wire (plain and preterminated), video cables, analog and digital interconnects, etc. My understanding, which could be pretty off, is that Canadians buying from the US are subject to some pretty stiff additional fees. If there are good, reputable, fast delivery, decent prices for Canadian sources, I'd love to hear about it. Toss some prices out and whatever your own perceived comments are about their build quality.
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    Prices are high but he has good service (have bought there a few times):

    Bought their 4x14ga in wall at a local electronics retailer after an email to this company for a local seller:

    For interconnects I generally find whatever is on close out or on sale at Radio Shack or other retailers of that sort.

    Built the speaker wire described here with provo wire from Interior (below) and Vampire bananas from Take 5:
    Wire was .56/ft CAD, part # 9144B

    Good West Coast distributor for the above wire products and various electroncs goods (heat shrink, marinco plugs etc):

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