Canadian looking for "Murder By Decree" DVD

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  1. Shaw

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    Oct 21, 2001
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    Hey everyone:

    I've seen a few folks posting here that they have purchased "Murder By Decree" on DVD already. Here in New Brunswick, Canada, I haven't been so lucky. I've got the cash but I cannot find the DVD itself. I've shopped everywhere in my city (Moncton) and cannot find it anywhere. I even called a major internet retailer here in Toronto "HMV" (I'm sure many of you have heard of them)

    What I would like to know is there any other Canadians out there who have not had any luck tracking down this DVD or if you have actually been able to secure your own copies?

    I'm also thinking that the disc has been delayed because once again, the DVD packaging will have to be put into both French and English. I wish the manufacturers would realise they need to make bilingual packaging for Canadian releases.

    I'm also wondering if others out there who admire this film know more about this than I do. Have they seen any news on the internet to indicate when this DVD will appear on shelves in Canada? Is this delay indefinite?

    I can only say that as a DVD collector I have had very little good luck when new releases are to be released. So many times it seems that a DVD that I'm really interested in purchasing is slated for release never appears on the shelf here in Canada on the street date. I have been lucky a couple of times. "Strange Brew" did appear here on it's street date, as well as a few Vincent Price filcks I picked up. Other than that, I haven't been very lucky.

    Incidentally, where is the new edition of "Heavenly Creatures"? I've never seen it on the net at all.

    The thing that also bugs me is that hacks like Disney and Lucas get the highest profile in releases and there are so many copies of "Ice Age" on the shelves taking of valuable real estate for titles like "Murder By Decree" that need more exposure. Could it really hurt them to put one copy on the shelf?

    Here in Moncton I called Blockbuster, Futureshop and every single Video sales store in the city. I also went into a Zellers and they said that the Video shop across the street had "Murder By Decree" for rent. I knew this had to be a lie but I called the Video store anyway and sure enough, they did not have "Murder By Decree" for rent. Nice way to try and get rid of your customers.

    Anyone got any info on the Canadian release of Murder By Decree?

  2. Jarrod Ferris

    Jan 23, 2003
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    My place of employment received six or seven copies of Murder by Decree last week, and sold out within a couple of days. It shouldn't be hard to find.
  3. Joseph J.D

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    Dec 4, 2001
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    I found a healthy supply of this film at Sunrise Records flagship store at Yonge/Dundas in Toronto for $19.99 CDN. I will eventually pick this one up. One more is not a bilingual cover. Anchor Bay is one of those companies that do not do bilingual..(Thank God!).[​IMG]

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