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    I've got a small cabling issue with my 27" tv, Panasonic CT-27D21. The unit has 1 component and 1 s-video which are switchable, meaning one works or the other works. I've been using component from the DVD player but I'm moving to a new location where I'll be using DirectTV. The DirecTV is not HD format since I can't afford it currently. The DirecTV unit has a S-Video out which I'd like to use, but this is where the problem is. I do have the ability to do s-video switching through my receiver, but not component. So here's where I need the help...

    Do I ditch the component DVD solution and run all S-Video through the receiver switching?

    Would there be a noticeable difference on this since I only have a 27" TV?

    Should I keep the DVD on component and just run the DirecTV through standard video cables(composite?)

    Does DirecTV really gain anything by running S-Video?

    Sorry if this was a little long...

    I appreciate any help with this

    Phill Clarke
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    There is a long thread in sources named 'Digital cable box' that answers your questions.

    BTW i bought a DirectTv Sony HD100 for the sony outlet in Tracy for around $500. You might want to check there when you do upgrade

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