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Buy my new HDTV - Panasonic PT-43LC14 vs. Magnavox LCD 32MF605W (1 Viewer)

Kevin Parrott

Jul 27, 2004
Hi, everyone.

I currently own a Sony KP-43T70 RP TV, which I've had since early 2000, and which has been a great TV. But, I think it's a little long in the tooth, and I want to be able to sell it while it still has life left in it, and while I can still get a little bit of money for it. This fall I'm going to take the plunge into HDTV, and the two sets I'm currently eyeing are the Panasonic PT-43LC14 43" LCD Projection HDTV, and the Magnavox 32" LCD HDTV Monitor 32MF605W. Both are in my price range (I can find them online and locally for $1500, and maybe by fall the price will drop further), and the size is right for my apartment. I've seen both in action at Circuit City, and each look fantastic. I know Magnavox would lose some viewing area, but the clarity might make up for it.

I do have a few questions for anyone who might be experienced with either of these models (keep in mind either TV pretty much maxes my budget):

1) Is bulb burnout really that big of an issue on LCD Projection sets? I don't know if I want to spend $200 on a new bulb every 1.5 years. That would be a plus in the Magnavox side, since I wouldn't have to worry about it.

2) Are LCD Projection TVs susceptible to burn-in at all? I play a lot of Xbox, but never for more than 3 hours at a sitting.

3) Is the picture on the LCD Projection okay out of the box, or am I going to have to get it calibrated and spend a gabrillion dollars?

4) Do flat-panel LCDs handle motion better than they used to, say for video games?

5) my couch is about 10 feet away from my current TV. Would I sit there brokenhearted by the downsize to a 32 inch LCD HDTV?

6) What $$$ can I reasonably expect to get when I sell my Sony? It's in excellent condition.

Given my budget ($1500 max before tax), space concerns (46 inches is really the maximum I can go), and what I'll be using it for (video games, DVDs, and occasional HDTV viewing), which TV do you think would be the better overall choice?


Stunt Coordinator
Jun 9, 2003
You will definitely be dissapointed by going from 46" to 32", at least I think so. As for your current TV, $250-$300 would be a good price, but you could probably get as much as $500-$600 depending on the buyer. I sold my 7 year old RCA 52" RPTV for $600 a month or so ago.

I would recommend a Samsung 46" DLP. I bought the 4663 at Circuit City while it was on sale and I got circuit city rewards points (to later buy the stand) and net price was about $1800 (including tax). The new Sammy's are supposed to be even better, with an integrated HD tuner and some other upgrades. I'm very very pleased with the TV. I really wanted to go with a 52" JVC D-iLA, but like you I was dealing with space problems. I may still look at the now-new 70" JVC for the theater room, but I just can't justify the cost compared to a good projector.

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