Building my first Home Theater

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    I have been doing a lot of reading and research on various components to build my first Home Theater package. I am hoping i will get a lot of input to help me get the most value for my money. My budget is $1000. Not a lot i know but this is what i will be starting with and i can upgrade later. The problem is i don't know if i should spend more on the receiver and less on the speakers or if i should do the opposite. I am not buying a DVD player right now as i will be using my Xbox as my DVD player using a digital coax or optical cable connected to the receiver. So i want to get the best Receiver/Speaker package combination i can get for $1000. I will post what i am considering and i welcome any comments positive or negative in my component choices. I especially welcome comments from individuals who actually have the components i am considering. My Home Theater room dimensions are 12.5 feet wide by 24 feet long. However i have the room sectioned off and i am only using 14.5 feet of the length of the room. The ceiling is 7.5 feet high. I would like to utilize the full room someday. These are my current considerations:

    Kenwood VR-6070 receiver $398.00

    JBL NSP1 5-peice speaker package $249.99

    Sony SA-WM40 Active Subwoofer $134.00

    Total system cost: $781.99

    This leaves some cash to pay for shipping, speaker wires, optical or coax cables, etc.

    If there are any suggestions to replace any of the above components with others please list them and why you would suggest that component. I appreciate anybody's input. Hopefully with your input i can build a nice starter HT.

    Thanks all, i apologize for the length of this post. I will also post this in a couple of other sections within this forum. Thanks for your patience.
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    Seems like a nice setup to me.


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