Buffy DVDs...US getting more features?

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    From Scifi.com
    Noxon: Buffy DVDs Due
    Marti Noxon, executive producer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, told SCI FI Wire that DVD editions of the show's first three seasons are well in the works and may come out soon. "They're going to be great," Noxon said in an interview. "They're all remastered. And they have running commentary from a bunch of different people, the writer of that episode, comments on it, as well as [creator] Joss [Whedon]. It's a real fan thing."
    Noxon didn't know how soon the long-awaited DVDs will hit stores in the United States. "Soon," she said. "I know that they've already done seasons one, two and three. They've already interviewed us for those. And we've done on-camera interviews and all kinds of stuff. It's a big thing. It should be out shortly. That's going to be great for the fans. What's weird is it's taking so long to come out." Buffy moves to UPN in the fall.
    from this it sounds as if the DVDs have been remastered all around and given the commentary treatment...could all the episodes been given the oppertunity for a writer/director commentary for them? The Simpsons DVDs havbe an audio commentary for all the episodes on the DVD, so would Fox have changed the features listing for those in the US to make up for the long awaited delay? I hope so because compared to other FOx releases the Buffy collection was somewhat lacking in terms of Extras, but it is also good to have a collection of all the DVDs...I still would have liked it to have a better treatment considering it is a huge fan supporter and many people are waiting for this one release!...oh well...i guess we can take the article as one way or another but only until it is officially announced we will know for sure. I would have really loved a commentary on Prophecy Girl...........*sigh*
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    Such features would make this set go from an interesting possibility to a MUST BUY. I'm going to end up spending a lot of money for TV shows on DVD...
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    Commentary on every episode for the US would be TRUELY Buffytastic, almost as much as getting the unaired pilot. Hmm, maybe we should just hire a hitman to take out Bizarro-Willow so that it can move forward [​IMG] (if she is indeed the problem [​IMG] )
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