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Bose Lifestyle System vs Component System (1 Viewer)


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Dec 1, 2001
Hi all,
I'm doing some reason for my Brother-in-Law. He was taken in by all the hype of the Bose all-in-one packages that they sell. Mainly the Bose Lifestyle 35 System Link Removed
I don't know anything about them but I would think that for $3000 you could get a comparable (or even better) system by purchasing the components separately.
His main concerns are he likes the small speakers because of a lack of space for big speakers, and he likes a multi disk DVD so he can use it for CDs and DVDs all in one.
However, I'm thinking that it probably isn't as powerful, can't be upgraded when you want to replace just one piece, and have heard some not so great things about the tiny satellite type speakers in general.
Can anyone post their findings in using one of these systems and how it compares to just going and buying a nice DTS Receiver, a 5 disk DVD player and some good speakers?
Specific models with prices would be great too since we need to not exceed the price of the Bose system at $3000.


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Apr 30, 2002
Well 3000 is more than my budget so I can't be much help. All I can say is that I know for a fact you can find some small speakers (that sound very good), a much better reciever, and a CD player for 3000 dollars, I just don't know what is good at this price range because I have not researched it at all.

Mike Matheson

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Jul 15, 2000

Try searching the forum using keywords "Bose Lifestyle" and see what threads pop up. This or similar topics have been discussed a couple times previously (that's not to say folks might not have something new to contribute in this thread).

Yes, you can DEFINITELY do better from a sound perspective for the same $$$. Whether the "name" and "style" will be satisfactory for your BIL is another matter.

Does he surf any? You might be able to help "educate" him on the whole Bose issue. Previous threads have links to a site or two which explain Bose in detail (their "technology", product offerings, marketing techniques, alternatives, etc.). Maybe you can dig up some URLs and have him take a look himself. . .

Phil A

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Oct 1, 2000
Central FL
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Mike, you can do a lot better for the money. The Sony system I think is about one-third the price and plays SACDs if you want that type of thing. I've heard good things about the Energy Take 5 speakers. I've also personally heard the Mordaunt Short satellite/powered sub system and it is excellent for the money, $900 total for the basic model and sounds much better than the Bose and not a whole lot more for the other models. You can find info about them at www.marantz.com click on 'home entertainment' and then 'North America' and you will see the link. You may also find good packages and sales at www.hifi.com on both speakers and electronics. The Cambridge Soundworks speakers are very good values for the money. If you don't need a changes, the Pioneer Elite DV-47A will play DVDs, CDs, SACDs and DVD Audio disc. and can be had from the mid $700s to mid $900s. That would leave lots of room for a receiver and stands or wall mounts for the satellite speakers. There are lots more choices. You can even look at Sony's ES series or Rotel (www.rotel.com), both of which come with a 5-year warranty. The Rotel RSX-972 compares to some cos. separaties. You may also wish to look at Outlaw Audio, www.outlawaudio.com. Have heard very good things about their model 1050 receiver and like www.hifi.com buying direct from the manuf. saving money, it is $500. For $500 for a good receiver, under a $1,000 for a good speaker package and even a $500 changer you will have something of much better quality than the Bose system and for a few more $ something even better.


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Jan 16, 2002
you can get a system much better in every way for less than half that cost. for example : 4 paradigm atoms($189/pair), cc-170($199), sony sa-wm40($150) puts you at about $800.. and it will be louder, more accurate, more realistic, better soundstage, detail than the bose. actaually, pick any audio adjective you want and it will be better on the paradigm setup. bose has the biggest reputation in audio for being overpriced and under-performing.


Feb 28, 2001
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try this:
Marantz 8200 b-stock from www.accessories4less.com ($1000) -- your brother will love the sound and adore the remote!
1 pair of Swan's Diva 2.1 speakers (www.av123.com $400)
1 Swan's Diva center channel ($500)
1 Adire Audio RAVA sub (www.adireaudio.com $400)
Toshiba SD5700 DVD-V & DVD-A player with HDCD decoding (so it's a good CD player too, $300. you will have to buy this one locally though.)
total: $2600. that leaves $400 for cables, which is more than enough. this system will destroy anything Bose can put together. if the speakers are too large for him please say so and we can recommend something else, but PLEASE dont let him blow $3000 on Bose. :


Jan 20, 2001
Some people seem to put the visual aspects of audio before the actual sound of the unit. If this is the case with your BIL, then all of our recommendations are useless because when it comes to looks and simplicity it's hard to beat BOSE. However, if your BIL takes his audio a little more serious, then I say for the money you can do much better sound wise.

Sean M

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Feb 12, 2000
Even if you go more for looks than sound, those Anthony Gallo Acoustics speakers are MUCH nicer looking than the Bose cubes. Sound better too.


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Apr 8, 2002
You can do better with a $500 Home-Theater-In-a-Box made by yamaha, sony, denon, etc, than with the Bose systems. They are complete crap. I would suggest:
Denon 2802~$550
Denon 3802~$700
Marantz 7200~$700

Norh 5.0 Package and Adire Rava ~$1200
Aperion Audio 5.1 package ~$1200
Energy Take 5.2 package ~$1000 (not sure)
The above mentioned Paradigm Package

Anything good around $400


So here you have a near-hifi system for less than the price of the Bose system.

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