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    Sup fellas,
    I've been looking at buying an Onkyo 809 receiver (to replace the current yamaha) to help set the foundation of a surround system. Got some noob questions though.
    1. Will bi-amping (since the receiver is capable) help the front towers (RTi12s) as far as bass output and just general music listening?
    2. When I watch a movie, will bi-amping mean my front towers will over power or just be louder than all my other speakers like the center and rears?? Will it be unbalanced I guess is my question.
    Fill me in guys! The more info the better cause the sounds like a good way to go! :D
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    Martin O.
    I always found that bi-amping from a single source is more hype than functionally necessary...and besides spending more money on speaker wire you will not notice a difference....
    If you have separates (a pre-processor and a separate amp), and want to add a more powerful amp for the bass section of your speakers, then you can use the bi-amp feature of your speakers and will probably hear a slight difference..
    I tried doing a bi-amp setup with a single receiver source with my system and didn't notice any difference, except for extra cables....I ended up disconnecting them and just going with a single cable with the speaker jumpers in place...
    Just go with a normal setup and adjust your speaker levels accordingly...
    So for your questions....
    You won't notice the difference....
    Once you set the speaker levels - they will not play any louder with a bi-amped mode than in a single connection mode...they will be the same...
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    One other consideration - if you feel your system is lacking in the bass department, you're probably better off investing in a decent subwoofer to handle the lows rather than try to get more out of your mains. Not only will modest subwoofers outperform just about any tower speaker, they will be much more cost-effective, too. It's all about having the right tool for the job and a dedicated sub is what you need for good bass.
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