Best TV for the Money (forgetting sound)

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    Everything I read about TV's is that if you have a good sound system, than put all your money into the best viewing set. I have a great surround sound system and will probably never use the sound from the TV. With that in mind,which TV would be my best choice.My price range is $1200-$2400 and I'd like to get a 36 in set and am not thrilled with projection set's I have seen so I'm fairly set on a Direct View TV.I found that rear projection TV's have to be viewed pretty much directly in front of the set or the picture looks a little off. I only watch through Direct TV and never use a DVD or PIP if that makes any difference. I'm wondering, Is the Sony XBR that much better as far as the picture to be worth spending the extra $$$ as opposed to the FS13??
    Any help would be greatly appreciated as this will be my biggest expense (next to my car)
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    You're right that the sound quality of a TV set is no consideration. No one who is into home theater EVER listens to the sound through the TV speakers.
    Is your desire to get a 36" TV based on space limitations? I would contend that once you've seen a properly setup projection TV, either front or rear projection, you won't want a direct view. Whether you get a projection set or not, your indicated budget shows that you should DEFINITELY get an HDTV ready set.

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