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Best theater in Columbus, OH (1 Viewer)

Richard Ruffner

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 4, 2001
As far as theaters go here in Ohio we don't usually get much to crow about, however...
This past Wednesday we went to the brand new Arena Grand theater in downtown Columbus, and we were wowed by this amazing theater.
First up all eight screens in THX Dolby Digital. Not just one or two, all eight.
Reserved Seating! You call ahead of time and reserve your seats, the reserved seating is three theaters:
1. A second story balcony
2. A slightly smaller second story balcony
3. An intimate studio screening room (seats 95 people)
Your movie selection determined which reserved section you'll be in.
They have have many food items (not just popcorn and soda) and a full bar. (Not that I want to be drunk to watch a movie but some might :)
We saw Spiderman in the reserved balcony section, where there are French leather reclining seats, and we were right in the first (of three) rows. The screen is two stories tall, but we were right directly across from it in the middle.
It's downtown, but Columbus is very clean and attractive, and parking is in the attached garage at $1 for movie theater validation.
The lights went down and the new THX logo came up 'Lets see it in THX' and the bass from the sound reverberated through our bodies.
Spiderman was a great movie, and this presentation was one we'll remember for a while. My Wife was really impressed with the sound presentation and shes not a home theater phile.
It's an hour away for us, so while we won't be seeing every movie here, we will definitely be going for all event movies. Next up, "Attack of the Clones".

Richard Ruffner

Stunt Coordinator
Jul 4, 2001
From Arena Grand Website
General Admission:
Evenings $7.50
Student/Senior $5.50
Matinees (before 6) $5.50
Twilight (4-6 M-Th) (excluding holiday periods) $4.00
Children $4.00
Reserved Seating:
Evenings $10.50
Student/Senior $8.50
Matinees/Twilight $8.50
Evenings $9.50
Student/Senior $7.50
Matinees/Twilight $7.50

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