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    Ok, I've got it bad. I've built 5 AV1+ speakers and a Tempest sub. I now need to build more but my budget and space is becoming limited! I'd like to satisfy my urge to build speakers by learning to design my own. I'd like to learn to compare drivers, design crossovers, determine the effects of enclosure designs on the driver selections etc... basically I want to see if I can build a decent speaker. I figure learning all this will take years but I can start playing in months and may even get lucky and build a decent speaker.
    Anyway, I'd love to build a 3 way full range tower but I know this is a MAJOR challenge to get right. I could always start with a 2 way while learning. I guess we'll see if I can hack it eh? Basically this is just to satisfy my urge to learn and keep me occupied until I have a bigger house to fit some Alpha's in [​IMG]
    Thanks for any links or book suggestions etc. I really favor books written for the average Joe, I'm reasonably intelligent but dry, dull reading isn't my strong point. I realize most of this can be just that so I may just have to live with it [​IMG]
  2. On your next Madisound or PE order DO GET the Loudspeaker Design Cook Book. Radio Shack (believe it or not) also has a decent book (though the name escapes me, it shouldn't be too hard to find in their library of books at the store[​IMG]).
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    I'd suggest also getting some software to have a play with. In particular, check out the free software available from the
    FRD Consortium:
    Baffle Diffraction Simulator
    SPL Tools
    (All these require Excel)
    Also, get hold of Speaker Workshop - it's not particularly user friendly, but for xover work is very good.
    With the above software you should be able to load manufacturers data into the computer (SPL Tools), model the low frequency response (Unibox), check out how enclosure shape/size etc. effects response (BDS) and model a xover (Speaker Workshop)
    Definitely check out what the other guys have mentioned - there's a wealth of information available online - google will take you far [​IMG]
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    Really soon I will help you satisfy your craving by helping me build a set of main speakers and maybe a subwoofer as well. Heck, I'll buy extra material so we can build 2 sets.
    Geez, I'm such a nice guy.

    You know Danny is probably a very good resource. He would make a good mentor. Dennis Murphy also.

    The madisound forum is where a lot of these hotshot designers hang out.

    Going to the Northwest 2002 DIY happening this Saturday in Surrey BC would also be a good learning experience. I'm certain my wife will not go for that.

    See you soon,

    Al Garay
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    Well tip,
    1) choose the right driver for the appplication
    2) learn hotw to tweek X-overs
    3)Use your ear and in the end as you will have to live with it
    4) make a Rock Solid Enclosure!
    5) trial and error, i have wasted $1000's on crappy designs.

    all in all what makes you happy is what counts unless you are trying to sell it.

    I read all these posts on tempist tube deal? i wouldhate to hae those ugly deals in my room, i bet they may sound great but really ugly to me, i like to hide all compents as that is what was required as as show car bulider of hi end car audio systems. hell load-port that tempest from your basment to a florr grill, no that i would liek to see a pic of :=) that is for all sono tubies.. :=)

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