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Best DVD Player for around $500????

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by JayM, Oct 17, 2001.

  1. JayM

    JayM Stunt Coordinator

    Aug 16, 2001
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    I am looking to upgrade and was wondering about opinions. What do you think is the best bang for your buck DVD player for around $500.
    Let me know what you think
  2. KeithH

    KeithH Lead Actor

    Mar 28, 2000
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    Jay, many people are high on the Panasonic DVD-RP91, which offers both progressive-scan video output and DVD-Audio. Street price at Crutchfield or Tweeter is $700, but I believe some authorized mail-order dealers sell it for around $500. Others here should be able to point you to the right dealers. The one thing is that a couple people here have had problems with the 'RP91 reading Region 1 DVDs. I don't know that the problem is widespread, however.
    If progressive-scan output is not important to you, you might consider the Sony DVP-NS500V single-disc player for around $300 and the Sony DVP-NC650V five-disc carousel changer fro around $400. Both are interlaced players, but they offer playback of stereo and multi-channel SACDs. I've seen some reference on discussion boards to the 'NS500V being released recently, but I don't think the 'NC650V is out yet. You might check availabilty on these models with J&R Music World (1-800-221-8180) or Oade Bros. (1-229-228-0093 or 1-229-228-4480). Both are authorized Sony dealers and have good price on Sony equipment (especially Oade Bros.). Also, Crutchfield's web site for more information on these Sony players (and the Panasonic 'RP91).
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  3. Chris Vargas

    Chris Vargas Agent

    Oct 13, 2001
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    I went with an RP91 mainly due to the positive comments in this forum. There are some concerns on its progressive scan capabilities since it doesn't use the Sage/Faroujda chip, but enough of the positives (DVD audio, DTS and DD decoding, excellent zoom mode for non-anamorphic DVDs) seemed to outweigh the negatives.
    No idea if they're authorized or not, but I got mine from www.etronics.com for $420.

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