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Battle of the Sexes on Blu-ray and DVD January 2nd 2018

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment has announced that Battle of the Sexes (2017), starring Emma Stone and Steve Carrell, will make its way onto Blu-ray and DVD January 2nd, 2018, and be available on Digital December 19th of this year.

Loosely based on a true story, and directed by acclaimed Little Miss Sunshine duo Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the film recalls the 1973 events leading up to the historic tennis match between Billie Jean King (Stone) and Bobby Riggs (Carrell). The match became one of the most-watched sporting events in history when it was caught by no less than 90M television viewers globally. The movie tracks the sometimes fraught relationship between the two players, both on and off court, as King comes to terms with her sexuality, and Riggs confronts his gambling addiction.

Released theatrically in September of this year, Battle received a positive critical reception, with some citing Stone's performance as a "career best", Peter Hammond of Deadline.com declaring it "One of the year's best pictures", and Rotten Tomatoes contributors ascribing an 84% approval rating to the flick. Despite the upbeat reaction, the title only managed to secure just over half its projected opening weekend target gross.

Bonus features comprise a couple of docs, including "Billie Jean King: In Her Own Words", and the BD and Digital audio specs top out with DTS-HD MA 7.1 audio, while all versions are framed at 2.39:1. Probably not a first choice to demo your subwoofers, but we suspect this might serve as a chill Sunday night kick-back.
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