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Audio format says "7.1(W)" with FWL and FWR instead of SBL and SBR? (1 Viewer)

Jesse Skeen

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Apr 24, 1999
Hope the title isn't TOO confusing, but I certainly am right now. Started watching the My Bloody Valentine 3D remake, and had to mess with my Marantz SR7011 receiver beforehand- when my Oppo UDP-203 defaults to outputting PCM (so you get the menu sound effects), it puts out a regular 7.1 track with the two extra surround channels. I turned secondary audio Off on my player to see if it possibly might be a DTS:X track, and the status then changed to showing the two extra surround channels dropped but replaced with Front Wide left and right channels instead.

The receiver's onscreen info shows the "format" as 7.1(W), which doesn't even show up in a Google search! On normal tracks or when I set the player back to outputting PCM, it shows as "3/4/.1" which I know well as 3 fronts, 4 surrounds and LFE.

I currently have the standard 7.1 speaker configuration with two extra speakers for Atmos assigned as "Dolby"- playing with the receiver it doesn't seem to even HAVE a configuration for "front wide" speakers anywhere. When set to not do any additional "decoding" to fake any additional channels that aren't in the original signal, it still shows the extra back surround channels active even though they don't show up in the "Input" signal, instead showing the left and right "Wide" channels instead.

I apologize again if this sounds confusing, I've generally known a lot about sound but have gotten a bit confused by the new formats. In any event, it's now too late for me to watch the movie tonight so hopefully someone can provide an answer or at least a clue by tomorrow as to how I should configure my receiver and speakers in order to play this track as intended.

David Willow

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Jan 23, 2004
Mechanicsburg, PA
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So it is the OPPO showing 7.1(W)?

Just a guess - but if you tell it you have 7.1 setup and then tell it you don't have rear surrounds, it probably assumes you have wide or height speakers.

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