As prepros: $3k Flagship Receivers vs $1-2k Receivers?

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    When used as prepros with the same 5-7 channels of outboard 150+ wpc external amps and speakers, how much do you lose sonically when going from a top-of-the-line flagship receiver to a lesser priced model? I am not talking about extra features, inputs, switching, internal amps....mainly performance as a HT processor, DAC, and analog preamp.

    GROUP A EXAMPLES (Flagships vs one step down):

    Denon 5800 to 4802

    Onkyo 989 to 898

    Yamaha RXV1 to 3000

    Marantz SR18EX to SR19

    Pioneer Elite 39tx to 35tx

    GROUP B EXAMPLES (Flagships vs $1k receivers):

    Denon 5800 to 3802

    Onkyo 989 to 797

    Yamaha RXV1 to 1000

    Marantz SR18EX to 8000

    Pioneer Elite 39tx to 27tx

    Looking for your comments on both Groups A&B, and why? Especially if you've had a chance to hear some direct comparisons with your ears.
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    Hi. I can't offer you comparisons between flagships and lessors models, so I may not be of any help. However, I AM using a Denon 4800 as a pre/pro to my Krell Amp, and can tell you that I'm not entirely satisfied with it. And not becuase of sound quality, which is quite nice.

    In 5-ch stereo mode (which many may not use, and I don't use often anymore), there is a tiny bit of static introduced into the signal, which is audible to the point of being annoying.

    I do not hear this statis when the receiver runs its internal amps, but the Krell brings it out. It happens only on the right side (both front and back). I'm positive it is not the speakers, because I switched left and right rears and the static stayed with the right side rather than with the speaker.

    While I can't prove it's not the amp, it doesn't seem likely since 1) I never hear the static with DD or DTS signals and 2) The fact that it happens to be the front right and rear right channel is pretty coincidental.

    I'm sure it's not the connection from the DVD player (acting as CD Player) to the receiver because 1) In two channel stereo it is clean and 2) It happens with both analog and digital connections.

    So what's my point? I forget, but unless my particular unit has a flaw I can not recommend using a receiver of the class as a processor for a high-end amp, if my results are typical.

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