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Any reviews for Children of the Corn SE? (1 Viewer)

Jeff Adams

Dec 13, 1999
It has been years and years since I have seen this movie. In fact it is one of the rare times that I have seen a movie that I do not remember that well. I just remember that it scared me pretty good, probably because I was 11. Anyway, I had it in my hands yesterday and almost bought it. It was only $12.99. I ended leaving Circuit City without it. Is it a worthy addition to my horror movie list or should I leave it as a rental? With Halloween coming up, I try to buy a few more horror movies so I was thinking of adding this one to my collection. Any reviews on this?


Stunt Coordinator
Feb 24, 2003
I have a copy of it. Its a prety nice DVD for a not so great movie. I think its worth $13.

I wish I could comment on the picture quality in the detail of the reviews here, but I dont have that sophisticated of a set up. But there is a fair amount of extras on there for a mostly forgotten film.

Jamie Cole

Stunt Coordinator
Aug 8, 1999

I'll give you a little mini-review here. I'm a huge SK fan so I picked it up yesterday, even though the man himself has pretty much disowned the movie.

The documentary has some interesting tidbits, and I am continually surprised with the care Anchor Bay takes on releases like this. The doc is in anamorphic widescreen. But most of its 37 minutes is unintentionally funny, as someone has apparently told all involved that this is a good movie (it's not) and was both influenced by Hitchcockian subtleties (ha!) and influential in its own right (sequels do not amount to "influence"). But there are some revelations here, one that surprised the heck out of me about the kid that played Isaac (you'll know when you see it).

If you like the movie (I do, mostly for sentimental reasons), the disc is terrific. I oonly auditioned a few parts of the movie. Still lots of grain (this was shot for $800,000, remember), but mostly free of defects and scratches. I'm not as sensitive as some to edge enhancement, so I didn't see any.

Sound is uniformly good to great... the music is presented very well, and for all its foibles, this film has an EXCELLENT choral score, influenced heavily by Goldsmith's "Omen" work. The music is incredibly creepy.

I thought it was worth the $13, but I am inexplicably drawn to anything remotely related to Stephen King, so take that into consideration. I may not be the most impartial observer.


Stunt Coordinator
Aug 17, 2003
I bought it even though I've never seen it. I know it's gonna be one of those cheesy 80's horror movies that I love.

Anchor Bay did put great care into this AND Creepshow 2. Creepshow 2 looks fantastic!

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