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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Brainwasher, Jan 10, 2013.

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    I am looking to add a second sub to my setup. I have all definitive at the moment. 7006 towers with built in powered subs, 2002 center, pro monitor 800 surrounds. I currently have a Supercube 2 sub. All last gen definitive gear. I'm replacing my Yamaha rx-z7 with an Aventage 2020. My new theater room is 27'x19' with ten foot tall ceilings. I figured with a room this size I need a second sub. I'm looking at the definitive reference or possibly the trinity if the price is right. Does anyone here own either of these and how do they compare with a similar priced Epic, or SVS setup? Thanks
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    I don't own SCRef but I have recently installed it in my friend's system. Trust me it is a horrible sub for the astronimical price you pay for it. Um not in the U.S. and had to ship it from Dubai. I think the money I had my friend spend on it went all down the drain.
    [*] The published FR claim for SCRef is plain false. the response drops like a brick with double the gravitational pull below 26Hz, which is horrible. I have tried every possible spot in the listening area and validated my results with Room EQ Wizard. It is a plain horrible sub.
    [*] The PR design just doesn't sound right. While the SCRef has amazing power; but that's all there is to it. It has zero sweetness and is very crude. The box resonates badly and response is very boomy.
    [*] It is very lackluster in music and ironically doesn't dig deep either so you won't enjoy the movies. In any case you cannot cross it above 60Hz coz it is not fast enough in music to catch the midbass beats. And you cannot use it in movies either coz 26Hz is plain shame.
    [/list] This was my first experience with PR design and it sucks at both SQ and depth. Do not go on the pubilshed specs by's plain rubbish. Check if you can audition it somewhere before you even think of buying it. I am trying to get rid of it and ordering an SVS PB-13 Ultra for my frined and will have it shipped all the way from US to Pakistan.

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