Any experience with Hugfen Interconnects?

Discussion in 'Home Theater Projects' started by David_Wong, Sep 12, 2003.

  1. David_Wong

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    Aug 3, 2003
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    I see a bunch of HUGFEN audio cables for auction on ebay at pretty resonable prices.

    Does anyone have any experience with these cables? I went to the manufacturer's website but couldn't find any info on them, or even any way to contact the manufacturer.

    I'm looking at their quad shield zero noise cable (DXZ), but I can't find out if it's coax or twisted pair, what kind of shielding - foil? braid? Help!

    I think these might be designed for car audio. Are they suitable for home audio?
  2. Chu Gai

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    Jun 29, 2001
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    not familiar with them, but it does sound like they could be automotive interconnects. no reason why they can't be used in HT applications. take for instance Streetwires or just fine for audio interconnects.

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