Anthem Statement A2 two channel amp


Aug 28, 2006
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$800.00 obo plus shipping

This amp is priced to sell. Check my feedback on ebay as well ( ts108 )

This is a Mint condition Anthem Statament A2 Multi ( two ) Channel Amp that was a dealer demo which I bought a few weeks ago and planned on pairing with a Statment A5. Only reason I am selling it is because I was able to get a great deal on three digital amps from a friend of mine that I plan on using for my center and front speakers. I have been more then happy with the A2 and I have been impressed with it during the time that I have used it. I am a big fan of Anthem products, I have an Anthem AVM 50 processor and just ordered an Anthem MCA 30 for my side surrounds and rear surround to go along with the AVM 50 and the digital amps I am getting. This amp produces 200w into 8 ohms and 300w into 4 ohms driven. The A2 can be setup to turn on and off automatically depending on if there is a audio signal present. The A2 has the standard Analog input as well as balanced inputs. It also has a "No Fuse" design which is only included in the Statement series

I am using this amp for my front speakers and planned on getting the A5 to use for my center and four surrounds. Its a great amp that I like but have to sell to make room for the digital amps plus it makes more sense to get the 30 rather then use the A2 for my side surrounds then another amp for my rear surround. Space on my rack is also limited which also played into my decision.

The original box and manual are included and I will double box the amp when its shipped. This listing is priced to sell.

MSRP for this AMP was $1299 but Anthem has recently raised the prices on all their amps.

Model description

Just like their larger and more powerful siblings, the remarkable A2 and A5 amplifiers are muscular in character and musical by nature. They are multi-talented performers, supplying the power behind physically demanding surround-sound home-theater one moment, then retrieving with remarkable finesse and transparency, the immediacy of a live music performance the next.

So what lies behind the remarkable high-end performance of A-Series amplifiers. The answer is in our commitment to state-of-the-art design. A2 and A5 amplifiers enjoy completely modular construction; highly refined four-layer circuit board topology; a minimum number of parts in the signal path, and those of only the highest quality; eight bipolar output devices per channel; mirror-imaged frequency-response channel matching; hand-matched complementary input devices; massive toroidal power supplies; oversize convection-cooled aluminum heatsinks; and a no-fuse design.

As Anthem Statement creations, A2 and A5 amplifiers are fundamentally more revealing, display an even greater degree of musical precision and deliver extraordinary resolution for both music and movies.

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