Another "Is this a good deal?" thread...

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    Another "Is this a good deal?" thread...
    Okay. I have had it with my current TV. I have been planning to upgrade for some time now but have been waiting for prices to drop. I am now ready to proceed witha purchase but I of course want the best deal.

    So...I am looking at the Mitsubishi WS-65311. I can get it for $2700 plus a $100 credit toward a dvd player. (I need a progressive scan as well).

    This one does not have the integrated tuner but I have heard that if you plan to have cable or satellite, it is really unnecessary since you will get a turner from that respective company, correct?

    So...good deal or not? The extended warranty is about $300 (FYI). Thanks!!!
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    I'm pretty sure that was street price for last year's equivalent 55 inch model, sounds like you're doing ok getting a 65 incher at that price.

    Getting the tuner/cable box separately is the way I'd go at this point as it offers more flexibility.

    I have an HD ready Sony and a DirecTV HD-capable box. No HD on cable here for the forseeable future. Like all the available HD-capable DirecTV boxes, mine will also tune local over/air Digital and analog broadcasts. In my situation I get quite good reception of local analog stations and my 2 available local digitals are perfect--I'm about 30 miles from the transmitters with a pretty basic roof antenna. Total cost of box, oval dish, and antenna was around $900, but the same setup can be had for about 300 less now.

    In many areas, lots of HD material is available on cable, and with them you don't have to buy the box, just rent it from your cable co.

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