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    First I have to say "thank you" to the creators of this forum. I have spent three days reading here since I found the site and I have learned an incredible amount.

    I'm putting together a HT for the first time using some old and mostly new components. Basically I'm taking the best of my 2 roomate's pieces and adding new to them.

    Things I have:

    ESS Targa 412-T mains - Old 4 way towers with 12" drivers.

    Mitsubishi VS-6015R - Old 60" rear projection.

    RCA DRD222RD DSS Receiver - older, uses H card, gets local channels.

    Misc. other speakers - probably for surround until I can afford new.

    Klipsch RB-5s that are in my bedroom for now (I see another HT system coming there soon).

    Sony PS2 - also in bedroom

    Things I will be buying:

    Denon 3802 Receiver.

    Klipsch RC-3 (or maybe an RC-7) - center channel.

    Panasonic RP91 - DVD player.

    Klipsch KSW-15 - Sub.

    I will eventually be going all Klipsch when I can afford it.

    I'm trying to find the best place online to buy these components. I have found a few places ( , and ) that have these items but I don't know if they are reputable or not. Does anyone have any other suggestions or opinions on this? I'm on the West Coast if that matters.

    Thanks for any help you can give,

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