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    I see that the Alien Egg Anthology set has been reduced in price, got a discount code, go to order it on

    Wednesday March 16th, at 6pm est.

    Order goes through, get a confirmation code #, says I will receive an email from them when order has


    Thursday 3.17.10, purchase amount still sitting in hold at my bank, checked online bank transactions.

    Called FoxConnect, they cannot tell me when the item will ship, tell me will receive email, yes, I know this.

    Friday 3. 18.10, purchase amount still sitting in hold at my bank, checked online bank transactions.

    Called FoxConnect, person said it was my BANK that was holding the funds, and they needed to release

    the funds then order would ship.

    Called my bank, Wachovia, NOT TRUE. Person I spoke to said companies like FoxConnect process orders in batches and when the order batch gets processed the funds will be pulled by FoxConnect. She also stated that IF the funds don't get pulled by Fox within a day or two the funds will go back into my account.

    If that happens I will not be reordering from

    I WILL pay more for the item from, and I will get it very promptly like I always do from

    everything I order from Amazon.

    I can't believe that FoxConnect is still in business. They certainly don't know what the word EXPEDITE means, which I added to my order for $5 bucks and change.

    NEVER...NEVER again FoxConnect.

    It really pisses me off when companies don't know how to do their jobs. How hard is it to process an order, put the item in a box, and NOT damage it, and just get it to me?

    I read another thread about a bad FoxConnect issue with a person receiving a damaged Alien set like the one I'm ordering.

    What's the deal with FoxConnect? Do they just HATE this Alien Egg box set?, YOU STINK! Your customer service STINKS!.

    You lost a potential customer, one that LIKES to buy DVD box sets...NOW, just not from you, EVER.
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    Did you use a check/debit card to order? Those almost always have a hold on them for the purchase amount. Also you didn't mention the other situation was resolved to satisfaction by Fox for the purchaser.

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