Ally McBeal - Season 4 coming to DVD

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    Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment have announced "Ally McBeal" season 4 Part 1 for release 11th February. The 3 disks set will be priced at £29.99 and is presented 4:3 FF awith DD 2.0 sound. Heres the PR:

    Ally Mcbeal Season 4 Part 1

    Out To Buy On Dvd For The Very First Time!

    "Respect only gets you so far. True love? Chemicals." Fishism

    Ally McBeal is back...and this time she has company in the shape of Robert Downey Jnr! Heralded as the best season yet, Ally McBeal Season 4 Part One is packed with hilarious and touching antics, and with the arrival of the gorgeous Larry Paul (Robert Downey Jnr), could Ally FINALLY have found her true love? Season 4 Part 1 also marks the debut of Ally McBeal on DVD in the UK and is out to buy on DVD and VHS (RRP £29.99) on February 11th 2002 from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Be prepared for a Valentine's Day treat to remember!
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