Adcom GTP-860 II

Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Eric D Wong, Jul 18, 2004.

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    Sep 8, 2003
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    Hi all, I'm considering buying a Adcom GTP-860II for the heart of my new HT system. I debated between this one- the outlaw and the Sony TA-E9000ES. However turn offs of the outlaw- no SACD input or RS232 connector. Turn offs of the Sony- no component video switching, not 7.1 channel, no SACD input either.
    I dont need a ton of DSP or sonic hologophic soundfield DSP's or flashy displays, but I do need versitility.
    I searched around and then forgot that my favorite home stereo amp maker makes preamps too- adcom. I looked at the 880, but dang, too expensive and does a little _too much_ for my needs, then the 930, but that didnt do enough, but I then found the GTP860II, it looked perfect. Right amount of digital inputs which are assignable (but NO digital outputs unfortunately), video inputs, switching between 2 component video sources. 7 channel surround, external 5 channel input, multi zone outputs, 12 volt trigger outputs, so far its perfect.

    Downfalls- no digital outs, no tone control bypass and the face is bright silver.

    So can anybody else shed some light or offer a similar product to the GTP830?

    Damn this hobby is too expensive haha.
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    Am pretty sure the Adcom comes in black as well as silver...

    Also in the same neighborhood, price- and feature-wise, are Rotel, NAD, Sherbourn... Rotel for sure has digital outs.

    Audition extensively wherever possible.

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