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A Home Theater Bonus to these Next gen systems (1 Viewer)

Dean Cooper

Supporting Actor
Oct 23, 2000
Well as many of you know I am very interested in getting into the next gen of gaming in a bad way. So as my interest has grown in finding out more on what each system can offer I have found my way to the gaming forums. One common thread I keep seeing I find VERY positive and I thought you guys might think this cool too. No matter what nextgen console it is there are people asking about HDTV and 5.1 surround sound, People are more interested in it than I have ever seen before. This is a great sign, I've even seen threads like what HDTV should I get for my Xbox or how do I make sure my TV can except a 480p input so my GameCube looks the best. The other common ones are what 5.1 setups are good to get and what does Dolby Digital mean?
Its funny, but I feel like I'm contributing to the future Home Theater community when I can help someone decide to appreciate the virtues of what make the home theater hobby so great. Has anyone else noticed this too?
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Graeme Clark

Senior HTF Member
Jan 5, 2000
It's very cool. With DVD players really starting a trend of getting people interested in Home Theater sound systems and digital televisions, I'm sure the inclusion of these features on another very popular form of mainstream entertainment with get even more people interested.
Of course, if everyone had cool setups, I wouldn't feel quite as special :)

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