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    I hear tell that William Dear's Timerider has a cult following.

    It's one of the productions that seems to have been in release in one home video format or another since the early days.

    Reviews have gone both ways.  A quote on the packaging from the Los Angeles Herald Examiner call the film "Fast, flashy and Funny!  Mix Peckinpah and Spielberg and put it on a bike!"

    The NY Times' Vincent Canby wrote in 1983, "At the point at which I walked out, about 55 minutes into the story, there hadn't been a single characterization, situation, line of dialogue, camera angle or joke to indicate that anyone connected with "Timerider" had the remotest idea of what he was doing."

    For fans, and there seem to be quite a few, as Timerider continues to sell, Shout Factory's Blu-ray is a success, as it looks like the film.  Just understand going in, that "looking like the film," is what it is.  This is a low-budget affair processed by Movielab.

    There are some fun performances from Belinda Bauer and Peter Coyote, and most important to fans, this appears to be the uncut version.  Someone is apparently doing their homework.

    Another quality Blu-ray from Shout Factory!


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    Thanks. If you were to give numbers for the Video and audio, what would they be??

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