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Discussion in 'Blu-ray and UHD' started by Robert Harris, Feb 16, 2009.

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    Robert Harris
    Gary Sherman's Dead & Buried, probably better known and certainly more publicized for the involvement of Dan O'Bannon as screenwriter is one of those little horror films that would get short shrift if it weren't for companies like Blue Underground.

    Bill Lustig, who served his time first as a director of quality B features before making the move to the video industry, has worked hard to see that films like D&B not only make their way to home video and Blu-ray, but arrive with their quality intact. In short, he cares about film, and it shows in his releases.

    And this is precisely what has occurred here. Cinematographer Steve Poster's work in a film filled with fog and darkness has made it through the process grainus intactus, and the cinematography fits the film perfectly. The transfer is so sharp that one can even see an errant Newton ring in the dupe of the main title sequence.

    As the first film that I've had a chance to view from Blue Underground, it appears that Mr. Lustig is holding to quality.

    I'm certain that some will take the position that little may be gained when a film is styled as is D&B, and that all that comes to the fore is grain. This is partially true, but along with that grain comes heightened resolution and far more detail than can be found in standard definition.

    For fans of Dead & Buried, and there are many of them, this is a very good thing, as well as a portent of things to come for future Blu-ray release from Blue Underground.


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    I thought this release was worth while also and Blue Underground should be commended for not using DNR to disrupt the grainy look the film has. I had never seen Dead & Burried until I bought the blu ray. I would say it looks as could as it could possibly look, and as close to the theatrical experience I would also assume.

    It is a shame when WB's and New Line seem to now know how to nadle their releases... assuming it is WB in charge of the transfers they release since Amadeus is under distribution rights at WB's only... so who knows.... and New Line is notorious for their presentations. That is a shame.

    I am looking forward to more releases from Blue Underground... The Stendhal Syndrome is also a good example of film grain and I think the film looks the best ever. (not one of my Argento Favs.. but a great Blu Ray release)
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    I had always felt that the Blue Underground DVDs I owned looked a bit too digitally processed for my taste, and had worried that this might carry over to their Blhy-rays...

    After buying Argento's THE STENDHAL SYNDROME on Blu-ray, it was clear that any processing on the DVD was done AFTER the HD-to-standard def downconversion, as the image that appears on the STENDHAL Blu-ray is the very definition of unprocessed and film-like, alive with the organic texture of real film grain and true "analog" detail. I can't wait to get more of their films on Blu-ray, especially their upcoming BD of Argento's THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE!

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    That's the title that I'm most looking forward to from BU too. I'm still hoping to see Maniac get a release date too.
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    I've never seen this movie nor know much about it, but I'm willing to support a smaller company with high-quality releases. I've always liked Blue Underground's catalog, though not so much their DVD transfers.

    My only beef with their BDs--or at least in the case of Stendhal Syndrome and Crystal Plumage--is that they don't have a lossless original soundtrack (preferably in both English and Italian when it comes to Italian flicks). I emailed them to ask why this is, and they simply claimed that they don't have enough disc space. But why must there be two 7.1 tracks: one Dolby TrueHD and one DTS-HD? Isn't that a bit redundant (and expensive)? It would be great if they'd just release one 7.1 mix and then supply one or two lossless original mix tracks if possible.

    Looking forward to receiving my BD for Crystal Plumage, as well as the official Region 1 DVD for Argento's Four Flies on Grey Velvet, which sounds to be a vast improvement over previous home video releases, including the German Retrofilm DVD (which I own).

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